Outline for Mental Health Term Paper

Outline for Mental Health Term Paper

The post provides an example of structure for term paper on mental health. All elements are given as well as examples of what could be used as content. 

Topic: Mental health in the [country] 


A) The “hook' – The latest study identified that mental health problems were discovered in 30 percent of homeless people in the country. The number of violent crimes committed by the people with mental health issues accounted for 5 percent. 

B) Background of the issue - The country’s investments into improving the mental health of ill people have been reduced in the recent decades. Because of the deficit thousands are unable to get the necessary help and improve mental conditions. The view of the society has changed as well and now mentally ill people are often perceived as violent people, often unemployed and homeless, unwilling to contribute to the society. In order to decrease the number of violent crimes by mentally ill and change their image, it is necessary to promote better point of view on the citizens with mental illnesses. 

C) The thesis statement - The mental care system should be improved by the government by finding more investments for contribution. 

Body of the paper 

I. History of connection between mental illness and society 

A. Brief introduction of history 

  1. Description and view of perception of mental ill people in previous centuries 
  2. Significant breakthrough in perception of mentally ill 
  3. The condition of mental care industry in 1900’s 
  4. Correlation between mentally ill and violent crime rates 
II. The beginning of decline in the industry of mental care 

A. Deinstitutionalization 

  1. Proposals by governments and dynamics of funding mental care hospitals 
  2. Refusal of majority of mental care institutions to provide care to people with the most serious conditions 
  3. Failure to provide necessary care by the government 

B. Expelling of mentally ill people from society. 

  1. The view of mentally ill by the citizens in the country 
  2. Outcasting of ill people by their families and friends 
  3. Development of stigma of mentally ill people 

C. Government funding is directed at other purposes 

  1. Refusal by insurance companies to provide services and ways to improve the situation 
  2. Establish programs that would aim to build more mental care intuitions 
  3. Support to mentally ill people through new programs 

D. Latest developments in the area 

  1. Recent government’s moves to improve the situation 
  2. Ambitious actions by activists to support mentally ill 


A) Summarizing of the points – the state of mentally ill people in the country, necessity to improve the situation. 
B) Possible future for mentally ill in the country, perspectives for improving existing institutions and ways to change the perception. 

Remember to use relevant information for your term paper and support your fact with solid evidence. The topic of mental care should be examined using all necessary resources. By using provided guidelines the writer can compose the term paper with all required structure elements and make the research process easier and less time-consuming.