Obesity Research Paper


The Global Problem of Obesity

Centuries ago when the humanity was on the lower level of evolution than it is now, no one could even think about obesity. People were eating to live, not vice versa. Speaking about nowadays, the World Health Organization states that over 40 million of children in the world are overweight or obese. Concerning adults, the figures are even more impressive: today more than 2 billion adults are overweight, and more than a quarter of them are obese. The thing is that every database providing statistics on this problem emphasizes that this disease is totally preventable. So how to solve this problem? The question still remains open. Thus if you are to write an obesity research paper you have a chance to contribute to the benefit of a whole society. Maybe you have some brilliant ideas on the matter which can influence the above mentioned awful figures and change the situation for the better? Don’t hesitate to describe them in your obesity research paper. But before you have to choose the topic carefully so that your work shows the best results.

Classification of Obesity Issues

Writing your obesity research paper you may disclose the topic from different angles. To provide you with more details on the topic, we prepared the list of possible obesity aspects for you to choose from.

1.  You may consider obesity from different age categories of people, such as:

a)  Children;

b)  Adolescents;

c)  Adults.

2.  Also you are able to explore the problem in different geographical areas, such as:

a)  Continents;

b)  Countries;

c)  Regions of a particular country.

3.  Additionally you may examine the topic concerning the reasons of obesity, such as:

a)  Eating much;

b)  Passive lifestyle;

c)  Genetics;

d)  Medical reasons.

4.  Besides, obesity can be viewed from the effects it leads to. It can be:

a)  Physical aspects;

b)  Psychological impacts;

c)  Social effects.

5.  It is also possible to consider obesity from sociological point of view:

a)  The effects of obesity on the nation.

b)  The impact of TV and other social media on the increasing obesity figures.

c)  The national stereotypes the obesity causes.

d)  The world tendency of obesity.

10 Examples of Topics on Obesity

1)  The causes of adult obesity.

2)  The statistics on obese adolescents in the world.

3)  How to prevent a child’s obesity?

4)  The injustice of the world: while American children suffer from obesity, the African ones are dying from hunger.

5)  Is children’s obesity caused by fast food only? What are other factors of this disease?

6)  How schools should control children’s obesity?

7)  How social media influence people’s obesity?

8)  The emotional effects of obesity.

9)  The connection between poverty and obesity.

10)  Should governments intervene in the obesity problem? If yes, how?

Obesity Research Paper Writing Tips

If you have already chosen the issue for your obesity research paper, you have completed a big task. But there is a lot to be done after that:

1.  Develop the outline for your paper. Think of the aspects that should be highlighted in your research paper.

2.  Make a research. You will need a lot of truthful facts and evidence for your paper.

3.  Start with making drafts. Try writing some notes on each paragraph of your research paper.

4.  Complete the paper. It may take some time to cover all the points of your document fully.

5.  Revise your research paper. At this stage you are to check the whole work, i.e. the grammar, punctuation, syntaxes as well as the logics of your exposition and the extent of the topic disclosure.

6.  Apply the proper formatting for your research paper.

If you successfully passed all the stages, accept our congratulations! We hope it has been easy for you.