Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example

Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example
The post describes the possible example of the Nature vs Nurture essay. Each element of the structure is identified before the content so you understand all aspects of the work. The essay uses names for better understanding and the topic “Importance of the Nature vs Nurture debate.' Thesis statement: Nature vs Nurture debate has been going on for years and has no definite results. 

I. Many scientists and academics have been researching the aspects of the topic. 

A. Most studies resulted in indefinite conclusions and had not enough substantial evidence. 
B. Despite the answer to the issue was found in the animal world, many experiments are still use humans as test subjects. 
C. Empirical analysis has been met with strong resistance from humans. 

II. Current aspect of the issue can be traced to the studies by Johnson and Fitch. 

A. Johnson believed that knowledge from the nature side can be received only using senses. 
1. Tabula rasa 
2. Human nature theory 

B. The studies of Fitch pursued the goal to prove violent mechanical processes as reasons for human behavior. 
1. Theory by Fitch 
2. Organized and stable state is the purpose for humans. 

III. New studies in the 20th century provided the new understanding of the issue: reaction norm. 

A. The theory of reaction norm examined the influence of social conditions on genes and proposed that some of them are exhibited. 
B. Human behavior is dramatically impacted by alterations in environmental conditions and genes. 
C. Human behavior is the result of genotype-environment interaction. 

IV. Concluding paragraph. 

A. Definite answer to the issue has not been found. 
B. Most scientists who study the issue often do not have answers for many aspects. 
C. The issue only proposes to study individual response to ethics and public behavior. 

The list of the literature used in the work. 

This information is given to you to make it easier for you to write your assignment. Nature vs. Nurture Essay is not the easiest one. However, you should understand that you will face even more difficult assignments. So, get ready to complete challenging assignments.