Narrative Essay Outline Example

Narrative Essay Outline Example

The post brings you advanced outline of narrative essay. Each element is included along with short description of required content. 

I. Introductory paragraph 

A. The “hook' (something that will make your reader to know more) 
B. Description of topic significance 
  1. Personal significance to the author 
  2. Significance to anyone reading the paper 
C. Thesis statement (the main idea you want to deliver to others) 

II. Set-up 

A. Background of the situation (so the readers understand it) 
  1. Historical information about situation and main characters 
  2. Other important information about situation and main characters 
B. Characters in the event or situation 
  1. Physical appearance of characters 
  2. Information about personalities of characters 
C. Setting 
  1. Setting how it felt to the author (according to five senses) 
  2. Description how the setting is significant to event or situation 
D. Humor or foreshadowing 
  1. How the conflict began 
  2. Positions of characters in the conflict 

III. Beginning of Event 

A. Description how the situation or event started to develop 
B. Explanation of the characters’ reaction at point-of-no-return. 
C. Information about followed events 
D. Author’s feelings about the outcome 

IV. Climax 

A. First conclusions 
B. Feelings of the author 

V. Resolution 

A. Description of outcome of the event 
B. Conclusion of the event. 

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