Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative Essay Examples
The author of a narrative essay is supposed to tell a story from life and make a certain point. This paper should provide your point of view about a situation and tell it for a reason. The most important elements of a narrative essay include several. 

The first thing you need to remember that you need to present your information in chronological order and have a purpose for your writing. The purpose might be some lesson the readers should understand. 

Additionally, narrative essay can include a dialogue and provide details that will make a reader to think about the situation and draw own conclusions. When these requirements are combined, your essay should be great from beginning to the end. Let’s review some short examples of a narrative essay. 

Topic: A Natural Leader. 

Larry was hated by everyone in the league except his teammates and fans of his team. When other good players think of a shot, he thought of a pass to a teammate. Not just a pass, but the one that lands right into your hand when you are in a good position for the shot. Passing and shooting skills were not the ones that made him a truly great player. It was the leadership that he provided for the team. In the final games when the team was losing big, he had a serious trauma but returned on the court to lead his teammates. With incredible pain in his back, he scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in two periods and changed the course of the series against an old rival. He said “I could not let my team lose. It was my responsibility to return and make sure we win this.' He was the guy that takes the final and most important shot. He was the natural and true leader. 

Topic: My dad. 

My dad looks like an average guy. He has a house, a job and a family to provide for. However, there are so many things about him that make me proud and motivate me to do more every day. He is a policeman and serves his community. Every morning he dresses into his uniform which he proudly wears. He goes to work and ensures the people in our town are safe and protected. One time he saved a little girl from a burning house but refused to be a hero that collects all benefits. “It is my job', he said. All these things about my dad make me want to be a productive member of my society. He motivates me and says that I have to work hard to achieve something special. So that’s what I want to do when I grow up. Regardless of my profession, I want to make sure I have the same work ethic and that people respect me. 

Remember not to make any conflicts in your narrative essay. Make a point and follow certain sequence no matter what you are writing about.