MLA Essay Format

MLA Essay Format

The abbreviation MLA means “Modern Language Association'. MLA essay format is one of the most popular documentation styles. It is also widely used in schools and universities. When the text of your essay is completely ready, check if it follows MLA essay format. 

MLA Text Page Format 

  1. Type the text with double space. Don’t add spaces between two paragraphs. 
  2. Choose a typeface which is easy to read (not a decorative one!). It may be Times New Roman, Arial, Lucida, Palermo or Modern typefaces. Then choose a 12-font size. 
  3. Make 1 inch margins for the left, right, top and bottom of your text. 
  4. After that, indent the first line of each paragraph with 7 spaces or half an inch from the left side. 
  5. Add numbers to all the pages. Put the numbers at the top and to right side.
  6. You may also write your last name before the page number. However, it isn’t necessary. 
  7. Underline words to stress them. However, you may also use italics. 
  8. Use only endnotes (not footnotes!). 

Paper Titles, Headings And Subheadings In MLA Essay Format 

  1. Title and Major Section – centered, heading caps, with boldface font. 
  2. First Level Heading – flush left, heading caps, with boldface font. 
  3. Second Level Heading – indented, sentence caps, with boldface font. 
  4. Third Level Heading – indented, without caps. 

MLA Title Page 

Write your name, name of your instructor, course title and the date at the top and to left side of your title page. This information has to be single spaced. 
If you follow these simple rules, you will have success!