Media Violence Essay

Media Violence Essay
Across the world, media influences our values ideologies and beliefs. The media has been a powerful tool for changing people's perceptions and their behavior, which is more important. Politicians, business personalities, and celebrities pay a lot of money to media companies in order create an image or change something in an existing one. Politicians used media to get public support for the campaigns. The changing force of the media that affects our behavior has long been proven. 

One of the most pressing issues nowadays is how media that exposes violence can affect society. We have long believed that constant exposure to violence can intrude and ruin the values of a person who does not have a strong system of moral support. However, some scholars argue that it is not media that causes the bad influence. Rather there are many elements in the society that can create a harmful impact on people. Media violence cannot be separated from the other social factors; that is why media alone cannot be responsible for violence in modern society. We must understand and explore all factors that can cause violence in society, including media.

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