Living in a Dorm vs. Living with Parents – How to Make a Choice?

Living in a Dorm vs. Living with Parents
Many high school graduates imagine being far away from the parents and living on their own. Living in a dorm provides an endless list of activities which would be restricted if students were living at home. All this “typical college experience' is very attractive to the majority of students. 

But is it really worth it to go far away? Living in a dorm has other disadvantages which are not recognized by young people right away. So to compare these two accommodations during studies we’ve gathered some of their advantages in this article for you to read and make your choice. 

Living at home: advantages 

  1. It costs less. Can you imagine how much you have to spend to live on campus? That includes housing and meals and many other things. You won’t have to pay rent as you’ll be living at home and your mom will cook everything for you. The cost of meals in college might not be that high, but it compiles into a lot of money throughout student years. 
  2. No distractions. Living in a dorm includes listening to your roommate’s music, meetings with friends at all times, hearing TV from the neighbors and many more distractions. This may present a threat to your studies. You’ll be constantly looking for a quiet place to learn and go to the library or lounge areas. 
  3. Parents will provide everything. If you live in a dorm, you’ll have to buy things that you’ll need every day such as food. Besides now you have to do your own laundry and take care of your things because they might get damaged or stolen. You may have never bought hand soap in your life but now you have to. This costs you a lot of time. 

Living in college dorm: advantages

  1. Freedom. Most of young people like freedom, especially when their parents are strict. Living in a dorm will provide more freedom which should be used wisely. You can go wherever you want and with whomever you want. There is no “home by 11' rule so you finally can taste the freedom you’ve waited for so long. 
  2. Experience. The advantage here is that young people finally get to try something new and be responsible for their own actions. Often they meet best friends in college and stay in touch with them for the rest of their lives. The memories that you share with those people are priceless. 
  3. Adult life. Living in dorm involves paying bills and doing stuff that is usually done by parents. You finally get a taste of adult life and feel responsible for your obligations. In case if you have to work, this is a great experience in earning money and paying the bills with your own money. These lessons of life will give you comprehension what is waiting for you in the future. 
So living at home and in dorm has many advantages. It depends on the person and his or her decision. After reading this article take a second to think where you would want to live and don’t forget about all risks and benefits of home and living far away.