List of Useful Phrases for College Essays

Useful Phrases for College Essays
The post examines the phrases you can use for your college essays. Read, make some notes and use them. They will definitely make your paper sound more professional. This list is extremely important for everyone who decided to write a successful paper. If you are one of such students you will be attentive to the information listed below. 

This information is to help you to write properly. Here, we gathered phrases for you which: give an example, give additional information, show reason, express a thought, show the result, prove a point, and compare or contrast. 

List Of Phrases Used To Give An Example: 

To be particular 
To illustrate this situation 
For example 
For instance 
This can be demonstrated 
This is shown by 
Such as 
To be specific 

List of Phrases Used For Additional Information: 

Firstly, secondly 
Besides this fact 
First and foremost 
The same can be said 
The reason for this is 

List of Phrases Used To Show Reason: 

Due to 
As a result 
In the end 
By this 
Through this 

List Of Phrases Used To Express A Thought: 

This makes us think that 
In this fact, we see 
The writer builds an idea of 
This suggests 
This creates effect 
I think 
I consider this idea 
This make me feel that 

List of Phrases Used To Show Result: 

As a result 
In this way 

List Of Phrases Used To Prove A Point: 

In order to prove this 
This is evident that 
To testify 
This is shown 
This establishes 
This is well-proven 
To endorse this 

List Of Phrases Used To Compare And Contrast: 

On one hand 
On the other hand 
Even so 
All the same 
In contrast to 

The paper which includes the listed phrases differs strongly from the one which does not include them. The professor will definitely pay attention to the amount of used phrases in your paper. Do not neglect the importance of usage of compare and contrast phrases or prove a point phrases. Certainly, you want to get the highest grade for your paper. You will get it if you use listed phrases.