Leadership Essay as One of the Most Widely Spread Topics

Leadership Essay
Essay on leadership is a common assignment given at school, college and university. Leadership is a notion that includes special behavior, psychological peculiarities and charisma. It is still a discussible topic as some people consider it to be an inborn quality while others prove that it can be acquired by constant work on personality. 

Leadership essay can have various subtopics that are recommended to choose to narrow the subject and invoke the interest of the audience:

  • Leadership Skills For President
  • Team Problem Solution
  • Teamwork Includes Only One Leader
  • Motivation Of People As A Leader's Quality
  • Hitler As An Example Of A Leader
  • Steve Jobs And His Oratorical Art
  • Leadership As An Inborn Quality
  • Tips How To Become A Leader

A Few Prompts That Will Contribute To the Writing Process

Writing an essay you need to know what the very kind of paper is required to accomplish. If it is an expository paper, your task is just to present the facts while if you received an assignment to write a persuasive paper, you are to express and prove your own point of view. The same stuff is about the style of writing, length and structure - it must be practised by your instructor. In general, your paper must pass five basic writing stages:

  • Topic selection
  • Collection of information
  • Outline composition
  • Writing of a fair copy
  • Check-up
A bad beginning makes a bad ending, thus, try to choose a topic that will not create obstacles throughout the work. This must be a topic you have at least general knowledge of or are interested at. Also, it must not be hackneyed so that to invoke the interest of the audience. As it was mentioned above, try not to be general and narrow the subject of leadership to the definite subtopic. The next stage is the information gathering. Here you should realize that simple downloads from the online warehouse will not provide you with a high result especially if you do not change the text in your own words. Thus, never resort to plagiarism and try to make your paper one of a kind. Use all possible sources of information including books, magazines, newspapers, articles, internet, and academic works and so on. In addition, do not miss an opportunity to communicate with professionals of your subject if you have it.

Attend additional courses and lectures so that to enlarge your knowledge level. After you collected enough information, you must filter it to separate out only the key data that will be used for paper writing. After that, come to the outline composition. Your outline must reflect the structure of the paper and fill each constituent with key information. After that, this key information is turned into the full value text in your fair copy. Below you can see an example of leader essay:


The notion of leadership still invokes a discussion. Scientists and psychologists can’t agree concerning the origin of this quality: whether it is an inborn or acquired one. In this article, we are going to prove you that leadership can not be taught

Main Body

1st paragraph

It is important to realize that being not a leader is not the end of the world. Actually, 70% of people who claim they are good leaders lie. Leadership is one of those talents that are considered to be innate, such as painting, music composition or poetry. According to the resent research, only 1-2 people out of ten are pure-blooded leaders

2nd paragraph

How recognize a leader? He is confident, self-disciplined, and charismatic. He knows how to make the audience listen, how to make them feel what you want at the definite period of time, thus, a leader is a good psychologist. He can make a simple work process in the team one of kind. He can inspire and motivate people. Remember the Steve Jobs Performance

3rd paragraph

Answering the question why the other people can not become real leaders, we should highlight that almost each person or even each child feels himself fragile and unprotected. Unfortunately, not many people can completely get rid of these feelings that brake development of the leader's qualities

We hope our tips will help you to accomplish an assignment. In case you need more help, feel free to ask our writing service for assistance.