Leadership Essay

To write an essay about leadership, you have to choose the most appropriate essay type for this theme. It depends on your own interests and experience. 
Thus, the first step of writing a leadership essay is narrowing the topic according to your preferences. 

1. Narrowing the Topic according to Your Own Preference 

(Choosing the Most Interesting Group of Questions for You) 

Read carefully these four groups of questions: 
  1. What is a leadership? Is it a natural gift of a child? Or is it dependant on our environment, experience, upbringing and education? 
  2. What is your personal opinion on the following questions: Should parents teach their children to be the best in everything? Should a father to show his son the ways of managing other people? Should a mother tell her daughter to be always the first? 
  3. Can you narrate an amusing story where you were in the lead? (You may answer on this question, if you are not a leader for life, but there was a situation where you have shown your worth, or you proved to be a leader once in a while). 
  4. If you are sure that you are a leader for life, answer the question: What is a leadership namely for you? Can you imagine your life without being a leader? What are the pros and cons of being a leader? How can you answer on these groups of questions? Select the most interesting group of questions namely for you! 2. 

Choosing an Essay Type You Will Write 

As you may guess, choosing an essay type is closely connected with your narrowing of the topic (selecting the most appropriate group of questions according to your interests). 
  1. 1. If you have chosen the first group of questions, you may write a compare and contrast essay. The title of your compare and contrast essay about leadership may be like these: “A Leader: to be Born or to Become?' or “The Role of Genetics and Environment in the Issue of Being a Leader'. 
  2. If you have you own point of view on the question “Should parents teach their children to be the best in everything?' (irrespective of your positive or negative answer on this question), you may try to write a persuasive essay. Narrow the topic about leadership, as you can see below: “Should You Strive to Leadership?' or “Is It Necessary for Parents to Bring Up Young Leaders?' You may also copy the question “Should parents teach their children to be the best in everything?' as a title of your persuasive essay. 
  3. In the case if you have a desire to tell a real story from your own experience where you have shown yourself as a leader, you can write a narrative essay. The title of your narrative essay about leadership may be like these: “The Challenge I have Faced in My Childhood' or “How I Proved to be a Leader'. You may also give more concrete title (of course, if there are no special restrictions of naming your essay!). For example, it may be like this: “My Heroic Action: How I led Out the Others when We Lost Our Way in the Forest'. Compose your own title according to your situation! 
  4. If you are leader for life, you may write a reflective essay based on your own experience. The title of your reflective essay about leadership may sound like: “Who is a Leader?' or “What is a Life of a Leader?' or “Being a Leader: Advantages and Disadvantages'. If you write a reflective essay, you should give examples from your own experience to prove your point of view. 
Good luck in writing a leadership essay!