Leadership as an Innate Quality

Leadership essay
Among different essay topics, we can separate out an article on leadership. The origin of this quality is not proved yet and invokes hot discussions between those who consider it to have an inborn nature and those who come to the conclusion that the leader can be formed artificially. 

Passing the bookstore you will come across such literature like: "How to become a leader", "A few leadership tips", "Leadership for Dummies" etc. It proves that there is a category of people who firmly believe in the ability to arose a leader in the uncertain and unsuccessful person. The other half is entirely sure in the fact that it is impossible to generate the merits of the person at all as it is peculiar for humanity only to develop already existing ones. Reasoning from the last statement, we can sum up that the individual must have at least the grain of the leading qualities to improve them in further. If you have none, unfortunately, or fortunately you will never become a leader. 

Here we can interlace the-the temperament types of people: 

  • melancholic 
  • phlegmatic 
  • sanguine 
  • choleric 
Due to the multiple types of research and unique features of the character peculiar to the each group, choleric and sanguine categories are those of the leader-productive ones. 

Essay On Leadership: A Few Useful Prompts From Our Company 

If you do not know how to write an essay so that to capture the attention of the audience, look through our essay writing tips below that can contribute to your paper results.

The first thing you need to do is to choose an appropriate topic for writing. Leadership is a whole subject that may have hundreds of issues that are worth discussing. For example, you can choose the following subjects: 

  • Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Prove your opinion 
  • What is a leadership and what is it illustrated by? 
  • Top ten leaders of the XX century 
  • Inborn leadership is always stronger than the acquired 
  • Leader who brought terror and suffering in our lives 

Gather enough information. 

You can use all possible data sources whether it is a librarian book or online publication. The only condition is your plagiarism avoiding. If you want to use a particular text, transform it in your words. If you want to use the quotation without any changes, do not forget to mention its author. As you know, nowadays almost each teacher has access to the authenticity check up programs. Thus, being detected will not contribute to your results and the work may be even not accepted. 

Next thing is your planning activity: 

Make up a draft of your paper before the fair copy writing. Your draft is made up of three main constituent parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. An introduction is an insight into the work that provides the audience with an understanding of what you are going to write about. The main body is represented by the fundamental issues that must be discussed and has at least three paragraphs. Each section carries a separate subject that is accompanied by the striking example. The conclusion is a logical ending of your work that sums up the primary information and emphasizes your point of view. 

Fair copy writing. 

Your draft should include only critical information that is developed in your fair copy. Your fair copy is an extended version of the outline that forms the full-value text. In the end, you are to check your paper for possible grammatical mistakes. 

Do not hurry up. 

Being in a hurry, you will fail with your work, filling it with less sense and lots of errors. 

Ask for help. 

Do not afraid to communicate with your teachers: they will be glad that you are so interested in the assignment and may recommend you appropriate literature and a few prompts that could inspire you for the leadership essay writing. 

Stay individual. 

Do not try to copy somebody's style of writing and language peculiarities. Be innovative to generate new ideas and cover fresh issues. 

Grammatical Correctness during the Essay Writing 

If you received an assignment to write an essay, you should take into consideration that it is peculiar to adhere to grammatical, structural and stylistic rules of paper writing. Grammar is an essential constituent of the drafting as it is a background for everything. Grammatical competence has always been considered to be a kind of art. It shows the educational level of the person, academic progress, serious approach to the work, attention to the details and so on. In general, we should divide the grammar into the two sections: morphology and syntax. Morphology covers the issues connected with the morphemes and words peculiarities while grammar deals with word-phrases, sentences and the text in general. We should not forget about the punctuation during writing as depending on the sentence type the punctuation tools differ significantly. 

Style of the Essay Writing 

Receiving an assignment to write a paper on a leadership topic, you should also attend the style of writing. 

We can distinguish two basic styles of writing: 

Your choice depends mostly on the requirements of your instructor, age category of the audience and the topic itself. Informal style includes simple sentences, usage of slang, different abbreviations, filling with empathy and emotion. When we talk about the formal style, we take into account the complexity of sentences, lack of usage of first singular, advanced language, etc. We would recommend you to take an informal style but do not abuse slang and other modern devices to show your maturity level and respect to the audience. 

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