Law Dissertation Topic Ideas

Law Dissertation Topic Ideas
Writing a dissertation in law is one of the biggest challenges in academic life of any student. Law is the discipline that is difficult in itself. The choice of topics is very broad and yet the objective of your dissertation writing is to produce a new piece of knowledge, which in turn means that writing a critique of a current legislature is not sufficient. Instead, you need to take an innovative stand on the issue, to offer a legal solution, etc. 

The following list of dissertation topic ideas will definitely be helpful for those who struggle with making a choice. 

  1. The decision of K v K and child relocation 
  2. Shared Residence Orders 
  3. Children victims of domestic violence. 
  4. Cohabitation law reform 
  5. Legislation on civil marriage of same-sex couples 
  6. Matrimonial Cause Act 1973 
  7. Corporate Governance and Disclosure requirement 
  8. Domestic violence and female victims 
  9. Competition law and advertising companies 
  10. Anti-dumping agreements 
  11. Insurance regulation in European Union 
  12. Allocation of Costs in Arbitration 
  13. Reform of the Corporate Opportunity doctrine 
  14. The Companies Act 2006 
  15. Insurance Regulation in the United States 
  16. Single Standard Form of Construction Contract in the United Kingdom 
  17. Law and misrepresentation 
  18. Construction Law in Brazil 
  19. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 
  20. Public interest disclosure act: outcomes 
  21. An Islamic Insolvency Regime 
  22. Intellectual Property Rights in Europe 
  23. Amendment procedures under the ICSID convention 
  24. Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 
  25. International anti-dumping agreement 
  26. International human rights law 
  27. International regulation of electronic commerce 
  28. Changing patterns of Commercial Leases in Mexico 
  29. Assisted Suicide and the pursuit of Justice 
  30. History of international counter terrorism legislation 
  31. International Trade Law history 
  32. The new Lisbon Treaty and its implications 
  33. The ILO Convention 177 
  34. Media legislation in Middle East 

Topic is Chosen, What is next? 

Once you have chosen the topic, the next step is to start researching. You need to find as many articles and reliable publications as you can. Sometimes, it takes several months to conduct research and organize your ideas. Research is of critical importance because you need to identify gap in knowledge and narrow your topic as much as possible. Otherwise, your dissertation will have limited scientific value. Need Help? If you need help with any aspect of your dissertation writing, such as topic choice or research, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to assist you.