Is Buying Essays Online Risky?

Buying Essays Online Risky
This question concerns many students who refer to internet writers to get help with assignments. It should be remembered that the most likely answer is yes because there are certain risks involved in buying papers online. Unfortunately, there are many scams on the Internet which aim just to make money and abandon their clients. 

This post will review the cases when the risks are highly likely to happen and how to avoid them. 

Major Risks 

No Paper Delivered 

There are several major risks involved here. First of all, the company you ordered a paper from disappears and does not send you any work. In this case, students are just ripped off and their money is stolen by ignorant people. So, in the end students are left with no money and no paper, which they not intended to work on in the first place. 

What to Do? 

  1. Read Reviews You can address your risk of being ripped off, though. In order to make sure that the company is a reputable and reliable provider of written essays, you can go on the Internet and search for reviews on the selected company. If you find negative feedback from cheated clients, avoid ordering from this company. On the other hand, if the reviews are positive and state that the company did decent job, you can go on and contact such service. 
  2. Ask Friends Another good way to find a reliable company is to ask your peers whether they have used such services before. In case when someone recommends you a company, try to use it and see the quality of their work. 


Plagiarism is one of the major concerns in online writing industry. Once again, the best way to go about choosing the company that writes original papers is reading reviews online. The companies that have positive testimonials are probably the ones that should be used. 

Colleges and universities have strict policies regarding plagiarism in essays. Of course, every professor knows that students cheat. They do not specifically pursue the students accused of plagiarism but they often make examples out of certain individuals to make others understand the issue. You might be given a second chance in case when you were caught. But if that happens again, the punishment will most likely be more severe. Do not try to copy others because in the third time plagiarizing will result in expulsion. 

If the paper you ordered was plagiarized, it is best to find another writing company. It is wiser to spend more time finding another writer than to have “plagiarism' mark on student record. 

Are There Any Benefits? 

So, with careful consideration you can easily select a company that will write good essays for you. Moreover, potential benefits are great: good writing assignments will let you have higher GPA. This means that you have a better chance to get a scholarship. Besides, having someone else working on your paper will allow you to have more free time and pursue your interests.