Interesting Research Paper Topics


How to Choose a Research Paper Topic

Once you have decided to start your work on the research paper, you are confronted with the question of choosing the right topic. Why is it so necessary to select the best topic? First of all, it will be easier for you to write your research paper if you have an interest in the chosen field. Also if the topic is too rare and unexplored, you will have difficulties with finding the appropriate literature, thus your paper will lack evidence and references to relevant sources. Vice versa if the topic is too popular you may have troubles with finding some fresh ideas and thoughts on the matter. Therefore you are to find the sphere you are interested in, think of the problematic questions of it and then choose the most actual and exciting one to complete your paper. Furthermore, you have to be objective while selecting your topic, since your college professors or any other readers of your research paper should also consider your paper interesting and worth listening.

50 Interesting Research Paper Topics

To help you with this difficult task we have decided to prepare the list of possible research paper topics. You can choose the thesis you like the most to compose an effective and informative research paper.

1)  Religion

1.  Should prayers be allowed in every school?

2.  The changes in different religions.

3.  The religious view on euthanasia.

4.  The freedom of religion in different countries.

5.  Has occultism the right to life?

2)  Politics

1.  The historical examples of genocide.

2.  The taxes in USA.

3.  The immigration policy of Germany.

4.  The effects of Affirmative Action.

5.  The role of integration in globalized world of today.

3)  Economics

1.  The reasons of China’s prosperity.

2.  The economic forecasts for the next 5 years.

3.  How the countries deal with a budget deficit.

4.  Will socialism exist in 50 years?

5.  Should developed countries help the developing ones?

4)  Education

1.  Should students with disabilities study separately?

2.  The benefits of home schooling.

3.  Who is responsible for the school’s violence?

4.  The necessity of standardized tests.

5.  The advantages of having boys-only and girls-only schools.

5)  Health

1.  The effect of tobacco on human body.

2.  The pros and cons of vaccination.

3.  The reasons of sleep disorders.

4.  The harmful effect of fast food.

5.  Is vegetarianism useful for one’s health?

6)  Social media

1.  Television violence and its effect on children.

2.  Can newspapers and magazines be trusted?

3.  Is the freedom of speech a reality?

4.  Should alcohol advertising be prohibited?

5.  The censorship in social media.

7)  Ecology

1.  The causes of black holes appearance.

2.  The risks of global warming.

3.  The importance of recycling programs.

4.  How to decrease pollution?

5.  The effects of deforestation.

8)  Family

1.  How to solve the problem of child abuse?

2.  How to help children to put up with parents’ divorce?

3.  The problems of the age difference of spouses.

4.  Should same sex marriages be allowed in all countries?

5.  Can gay couple raise a psychologically healthy child?

9)  Technology

1.  In what way do computer viruses attack the laptops?

2.  The scheme of the search engine work.

3.  How do video games affect children?

4.  The drawbacks of the Information Age.

5.  How did mobile phones change the society?

10)  Social issues

1.  Race relations in different countries.

2.  Why men are often paid more than women?

3.  How to defend the employee rights?

4.  Is it humane to restrict birth rate?

5.  How to increase adoption?

Here are only examples of research paper topics, if you have something in mind, you are always free to use your own ideas. The main thing is to have enough enthusiasm to complete the research paper which will be full, substantial and interesting for those who will get acquainted with it.