How to Write Descriptive Essays about a Person

Descriptive Essays about a Person
This descriptive essay is focused on giving the information about a person that had some impact on your life. Whether the person had positive or negative influence, you need to follow guidelines on writing in order to be successful. The person you can write about could be almost anyone you have met in your life: your parent, friend, professor, tutor, politician, athlete, religious person, activist or a character that does not exist. The post reviews the most important guidelines for writing descriptive essays. 

Focus your work 

Just like with any other academic works, descriptive essay should have the main idea that provides a base for all content and your thoughts. Here you should explain in details the impact that a person had on your life. For instance, if you are writing about your favorite athlete, you may write: “the player I admire inspired me to stay on the stadium even after all others have gone home. I realized that only practice makes a fine playing and learning fundamentals of the game is the key of success'. This example of thesis statement gives the readers the focus that you had: putting more effort into improving your own game and learning the basic and most important aspects of the game. This means that you do not only describe the person but identify his or her influence on you and your life. 

Start with a humor 

Descriptive essay should be about your feelings and emotions. That’s why it might be a good idea to start with something funny. For example, if writing is about your parent, describe some moment that you have had together. This could be a moment from your everyday interaction, going to a restaurant, attending a sports game or vising relatives. This is a great idea because it engages the readers and shows that you are not afraid to show your personal relations. Moreover, you stay on your point of describing the person. 

Describe the person 

Sooner or later you need to actually describe the person you write about. Your description should be vivid and give only relevant details that matter to your point, the influence on your life. For instance, if you are describing some religious person, it is probably unnecessary to give the readers information about the color of his or her eyes and hair. The writer should focus on identifying the situations which are relevant to the main idea of the paper. In this case they might be something the person has achieved and which was impactful to the community, country or even the world.

Identify your relationship with the person 

Whether you met the person or not, you need to describe the connection that you think you have. The paper should give the reason why have chosen this person to be a central point of your descriptive essay. Experienced writers say that the most effective way to achieve good description of the relationship is to give specific examples. For instance, if you are writing about a parent, it is not enough to say that the person is generous. You may write “my mother has sold some her jewelry to buy a computer for me so I could study more'.