How to Write Argumentative Essay

Write an Argumentative Essay

Argument essay is used to develop debate and research skills of students. These are very useful skills not just in college because persuading someone to think your way may earn you some big benefits. In this post we will review the process of writing an argument essay and identify the main points which should be followed. Let’s start. 

Create a thesis statement. 

Your main idea of the paper has to deliver your own view on the studied topic. It gives the readers information about how you feel about the topic. Make sure you include you thesis statement in the end of your first paragraph, which has to be introductory. This paragraph describes the background of the subject so the reader understands why this argument essay is written. 

Make sure your thesis statement is easy to understand by your audience. It must be concise because the readers must be able to understand the importance of your research. You main idea should make a claim of your argument. There are several types of claims in argument essays: a claim of value, a claim of definition, claim of cause and effect and a claim about policies. These aspects address different situations. For example, a claim of definition is intended to change the way we think about a certain idea. A claim of policies is aimed at changing the way some things are done in a society. 

Write the body of the paper. 

Now you need to collect all information you have and carefully create the main part of your argument paper. Remember to include arguments of each view on the subject. Writers organize their arguments very differently but the main thing to keep in mind is that you should not leave a single aspect of the topic. Otherwise you will be giving your readers incomplete picture of the issue, which is unethical and unprofessional. 

Write a strong conclusion. 

The main objective of your final paragraph is to restate the thesis statement and convince your readers once again. It is recommended to make a connection between your conclusion and values of your readers to persuade them. All your main points should be restated as well because good argument essay does not leave any important information. If necessary, propose a further research of the topic and identify the main areas needed to be studied more. 

Use reliable sources. 

The best research can only include the best sources. So make sure you use information that is written by academics and scientists. Make sure you review both modern literature and old literature because the works written in the past created a foundation for modern ones. Remember to use only scholarly sources because you can accidentally use some works that were written by anyone without experience in the area. Avoid taking information from popular web sites and bloggers, articles there contain mostly unreliable information which is not supported by scientific data. In the end, ensure you properly cited your sources and get ready for the debate.