How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Write an Evaluation Essay`

Evaluation essay aims at researching a product, service or something else and show the overall quality of it. Some people think that evaluation essay involves a lot of personal opinion of the writer but it does not. Well, in writing such essay you should not use your own opinion but just make a comparison. It is done through established criteria. 

The writer of such essay should explore and conduct a thorough analysis of compared things and give the reader undeniable evidence that suggest some product or service to be better. It is important to be specific in your choice for evaluation and not choose a whole range of products or services. The post presents you with the steps to write an evaluation paper. 

Step 1. Find something for evaluation. 

Think of possible options for writing this paper. Use the internet and make a list. In case when something captures your interest, write it down. You may use this technique to find your topic. Let’s suppose you are a fan of some football club and watch their games every week. You might compare the performance of your team during the current playing season with expectations that were given by the team’s president and coach before the games. Using this technique you not only find yourself a topic, but make your selection pretty interesting for research. Therefore, you will have enthusiasm for writing which is important. However, remember not to use too much personal thoughts, support your facts with evidence. 

Step 2. Establish thesis statement. 

Thesis statement is intended to shape the purpose of your work. Your evaluation will be based on it. In evaluation essays, the main idea is often aimed at describing lack of something and how this could be improved compared to other better product, service and so on. 

Step 3. Make your subject. 

The writer of evaluation essay should be able to provide background information before actual comparison or evaluation. For example, if you want evaluate a sports team. Be sure to include information about its coach, players and performance throughout the season. This way you establish the base for your evaluation. 

Step 4. Choose your criteria. 

In order to evaluate something, you need criteria to base your findings. For example, if you are evaluating a sports team, give the information about other team in the same tournament with players of similar skill. Compare their results and games versus the same opponents. 

Step 5. Critique selected criteria. 

When you make a draft for your evaluation essay, be sure to examine the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen criteria. Also you need to be ready to include examples that will support your judgment. All the arguments should be made according to your main idea, which was established in step 2.