How to Write an Essay in 1 Hour


There might be a whole bunch of reasons why you need to write an essay in an hour. Regardless of what they may be, do not think that writing a good work in such period of time is not possible. Professional writers say that the key to accomplishing this task is understanding the method of doing the work. However, this does not mean that you should practice it every time you have a written assignment. Be sure, no essay completed in one hour will be better than the one that was written in several days or more. But in case if you need to do this, here is how it’s done.

How do I start? I have no time!

Stop worrying! If you cannot beat your anxiety you will most definitely fail. Calm yourself down by thinking about success for several minutes. It is completely worth it and extremely affects the quality of your writing. If you panic, your paper will be more like a bunch of irrelevant information which is not connected to the topic. It is impossible to write without concentrating on the task. Take a sit and take a deep breath. A TV is bothering you? Turn it off right away. Cell phone keeps ringing? You are preparing yourself to write so other business can wait. An hour won’t change anything but can serve you.

Consider your topic for a few minutes. Do not start to write right away and make sure you gave some thoughts to the topic.

How do I write fast? 10 minutes already passed!

Are you sure you calmed yourself down? If you are, let’s continue. In order to write fast, the first thing you need to do is write a few sentences that describe your topic. Be specific as you can. This can serve you as an example of structure. As you write these sentences, think about how you would arrange your introduction and other parts of the essay. Then look at the sentences you just wrote. Think about the approach to your topic considering that information.

What should I follow?

The moment of starting your writing is finally here. Let’s suppose you have a clear vision of the parts of your essay. Follow these guidelines when writing your paper:

·  Your introduction should not be long. Keep it straight to your point.

·  Provided that you don’t have time to search for literature on the Internet, make the information general but be sure you give some examples. Do not worry if your essay will be general, it is still the best way you can write.

·  Focus yourself on writing the content. Making better sentence structures and providing writing style should not worry you at this point. Your task is to write as much as possible.

·  Avoid adding content that is not connected with other parts of the essay. Otherwise your paper will be just describing facts and nothing more. Keep the connection between sentences and major parts. You still need to provide logical flow of information. It is not difficult to do if you have been focused on your topic.

·  Do not forget about the clock. The time passes quickly. If you have some knowledge on the subject, spend some time and develop concepts. On the other hand, if you do not your topic very well, make sure you wrap the things up fast and go straight to your conclusion.

No matter what paper you get, do not expect a high grade. But if you follow the steps and use guidelines mentioned above, it is likely that you will get a passing grade.