How To Write An Argumentative Essay

An Argumentative Essay

To write an argumentative essay, make a plan. 

1. Choosing A Topic Of An Argumentative Essay 

Select a topic of an argumentative essay according to your own interests. Remember that your theme has to be arguable. 

Think about your everyday problems. What questions do you ask yourself every morning? If you are the happiest person in the world and there are no questions that disturb you every day, think about your previous experience. What problems did you face several years ago? 

Suppose you used to hate free school meals in your primary school. Write about this problem in your argumentative essay! 

2. Formulating The Name Of Your Argumentative Essay 

As your theme has to be arguable, you can’t write an argumentative essay under the title “My Feelings And Emotions About Free School Meals'. Try to make a question from your problem like this: “Should free school meals be available to all the children?'. 

Such a question is not exactly your problem, but it is closely connected to your own experience. 

3. Reading A Lot Of Literature Connected With Your Topic 

Even if you think that you know the correct answer to the question “Should free school meals be available to all the children?' (of course, your answer is “No, free school meals should not be available to all the children! Moreover, free school meals must be forbidden in the world!'), don’t make haste to write your opinion. 

The golden rule is that an argumentative essay is not so emotional, as logical. To formulate your own point of view, you first need to read enough literature connected with your issue. 

4. Formulating Your Own Point Of View 

If you have read enough information connected with your topic, you can write your argumentative essay. Formulate your own point of view in the introduction paragraph of your essay. 

You may start the body paragraphs with explaining the opinion which is diametrically opposed of yours. Demonstrate that you understand that having dinner in time is good for children’s health. Then give another point of view (which is your own). It has to be more convincing than the previous opinion. 

5. Proving Your Own Opinion And Giving Some Examples From Your Own Experience, World And National Literature, History, etc. 

To prove your own point of view, you should give some bright examples from your own experience, world and national literature, history, etc. For example, you may mention that some of your classmates used to throw free school buns on the way to home. Stress that free school meals are uneconomical for our state. 

6. Making A Conclusion According To Your Own Experience And The Literature You Have Read 

Summarize all the information. Make the conclusion that free school meals are certainly good for children’s health, but many schoolboys and schoolgirls don’t eat this food, so there is no need in it. Furthermore, some children feel the negative emotions because of this fact. A child knows that if he / she doesn’t eat, the teacher will punish him / her; as a result, this child throws out this food.