How to Write an Annotation

How to Write an Annotation
How to Write an Annotation An annotation is supposed to persuade the reader to read the work. It is an enhanced summary of a publication, article or a book.The author of an annotation should be able to guide the reader and examine the work so it would be clear whether it needs to be read or not.

Annotations are used in bibliographies which are an essential part to any scholarly article or book. For example, annotations can provide necessary information to the readers about how the work was used in the research. The best way to organize a bibliography is to provide discussion on how the literature is related to each other.

Annotation writing tips:

  • Authors of the works should be clearly identified along with their degrees and qualifications. In case when a writer or a scientist is well-known, it is allowed to exclude qualifications. It is recommended to include this information in the first sentence of annotation paragraph. For example, "Gregg H. Popovich, an American sociology professor at Houston University, used historical documents to base his research."
  • The author of an annotation should provide the main purpose and the scope of the text. It is recommended to make one or two sentences. For example, "He describes that Swedes played an extremely important role in the uprising in the region. They supplied funding, rifles and war ships and helped to initiate the uprising." Do not try to describe the main purpose in more than two sentences like in a summary.
  • It is absolutely necessary to relate the work to other ones in the field. For example, "Dennis Johnson’s conclusions are similar to those in Blake Griffin’s Uprising in the Baltic."
  • Relation of the theme to the position of author should also be described: "On the other hand, Johnson’s position is supported by pro-revolutionary concept, which was examined by the reviewer."
  • The following element is not included in all annotation but in the ones addressing specific audience. Sometimes it is necessary to explain the difficulty of the work and how it will be understood by the readers. For example, "Johnson addresses his work to historians but the initial chapter will be clear to any informed reader."
  • In the final sentence of the annotation you need to include a comment which summarizes the content of the book: "This specific scientific work provides new information which will be of interest to informed readers and scholars."


There are other elements in annotations but if you describe mentioned points your work will be good to be submitted. Remember that you need to be as clear as possible and keep the length of no more than 150 words. If you need assistance with this type of assignment, feel free to ask us for custom writing service and we will handle this task for you!