How to Write a Synthesis Essay without Problems

Synthesis Essay
A synthesis paper is a work that combines two or more information sources in order to make up a brand new work. Do not confuse it with a summary. Here you combine, synthesize various attitudes to the definite issue and fill the text with insightful connections within these issues in order to create a completely new approach. We recommend you to start your paper with planning your work process:

1) Choose a topic for writing.

Topic selection is not as easy as it seems to be. If you are lucky to select it yourself, find an appropriate one. By this, we mean the one that is familiar to you and interesting to the audience. In this way, determine for yourself what really is your strong point, what you are dead on and how to present the topic so that to capture the listeners. In addition, take into account the category of the audience. Depending on the average sex, age and course, they will be fond of different subjects.

2) After choosing a topic, come to the information gathering.

Select the appropriate information and reread it carefully. Do not plagiarize information - nowadays every competent teacher checks the academic works for their authenticity. Transform all the gathered information in your own words, so that to create a genuine contents.

3) Synthesize the information sources.

Combine them, compare, contrast, and add your own point of view.

4) Write an outline of the paper.

Your outline should be a background for your fair copy. It must represent the structure of work: introduction, main body, and conclusion. It usually comprises the key elements such as word phrases and sentences that are to be developed in further.

5) Next, make up a fair copy.

Extend the key elements of the outline and create a full value text. In your introduction, it is obligatory to formulate a thesis that is the main idea that you are going to present in your synthesis essay. Most often the thesis is the last sentence of the introduction: it includes the statement of the topic and your opinion. Fill your main body with the arguments from different sources and definite examples. End your work with a strong conclusion in which you can show your support for one or another side/source/author.

6) Check your paper.

If you have an opportunity to give it somebody to read, definitely use it: the other people will find much more mistakes in your paper than you can do it yourself.

A Few Topics That Can Capture Your Attention In this paragraph we would like to provide you with a list of topics that can inspire you for writing:

  1. Synthesis essay on leadership
  2. Synthesis essay on global warming
  3. Synthesis essay on child abuse
  4. Synthesis essay on rock music
  5. Synthesis essay on eco products
  6. Synthesis essay on 3D printers
  7. Synthesis essay on emotional illiteracy
  8. Synthesis essay on school uniform
  9. Synthesis essay on sport activities
  10. Synthesis essay on innovations
  11. Synthesis essay on Stephen King
  12. Synthesis essay on Walt Disney
  13. Synthesis essay on computer game addiction
  14. Synthesis essay on animal extinction
  15. Synthesis essay on social networks
  16. Synthesis essay on Great Gatsby
  17. Synthesis essay on autism
  18. Synthesis essay on evolution of people
  19. Synthesis essay on ecological problems
  20. Synthesis essay on depression
  21. Synthesis essay on anorexia
  22. Synthesis essay on racial discrimination
  23. Synthesis essay on the reasons for World War 2
  24. Synthesis essay on Harry Potter
  25. Synthesis essay on Twilight
  26. Synthesis essay on self-development
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