How To Write A Synthesis Essay

A Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is an essay type where ideas are combined from two or more sources. To write a synthesis essay, you first need to make a plan. 

1. Choosing A Topic Which Is Interesting For You 

Select a theme for your synthesis essay according to your interests. You also should take into account the interests of your potential readers and the relevance of the topic. Avoid too general and banal themes. The golden rule is that more concrete information attracts more attention. 

2. Reading A Lot Of Literature Which Is Relevant To Your Topic 

Reading a lot of literature which is connected with your issue is necessary, as you have to write a synthesis essay. Remember that you will use only a part of the sources you have worked with. Your task is to read as much literature (concerned to your topic) as possible. 

Even if you have read a lot of information about your problem before, refresh your memory in the library. You may find recently published materials on your theme. By the way, you should include different resources, such as books, magazines, newspapers, brochures and so on. 

3. Selecting The Most Appropriate Sources For Your Essay 

The next important step is selecting the most appropriate literature from the whole literature you have read. It means, that you have to include only the most convincing and original literature. You should read the most appropriate sources once more again. Underline the key phrases. 

4. Writing A Synthesis Essay 

After that, you can start writing your own essay. A synthesis essay usually has a classic structure: an introduction paragraph, supporting paragraphs, a concluding paragraph. 

Give some background information about the topic and sources in your introduction paragraph. It may also include a hook (something that attracts a reader’s attention). Write approximately three to five sentences in your introductory. 

You may have so many body paragraphs as you need to compare the information from the different sources. Use your own words to retell the opinions of the authors, but don’t change the main point. It means that you may alter the form, but not the content. 

Summarize everything in your concluding paragraph. Sometimes you may give your own point of view, but it’s not necessary.