How to Write a Successful Admission Essay

Successful Admission Essay
Getting into college becomes more difficult each year. More and more young people apply and often there are no spaces for everybody. Failure to enter college might be a pretty serious problem so let’s learn how to make the most out of your admission essay and get you accepted with no problem. 

The topics for admission essays vary from college to college so be prepared for anything. In the meantime, there are several principles you should follow when writing such essay regardless of the topics. Remember them as you start to write. 

Be concise 

Every college and university has limitations when it comes to admission essays. For example, you could be asked to write a 250 or 500 words essay. Make sure you don’t go over the limit. The thing is, admission officers have to review all of the applications and there are literally lots of them. Therefore, they spend only several minutes to read and make their conclusion about your writing. In case when you go for 600 words or even more, there is a risk to strain their patience. Believe me, you don’t want to do just that. 

Stand out 

Before you start writing your admission essay, ask yourself a question: ‘How can I differentiate myself from tens of other applicants?’ This is a pretty difficult task because you don’t know all those people. Moreover, you don’t know admission people and how they react to certain topics. However, don’t discourage yourself. Take some time to think how you are special and what can you tell about it to other people. It might be difficult but it is one of the keys to success. 

Be honest 

Don’t think you should not include information about you being an editor of high school magazine. You can ask: ‘but there are people who were presidents in their clubs and magazines, and I was only an editor. How is that remarkable and makes me special?’ Well, you don’t have to embellish your achievements regardless of their nature. That actually shows that you were an active student and accomplished something. You’re just a teenager. Admission people don’t expect you to be the first in everything you do. Show them that you have a goal and work on them and not just sit around and wait. 

Make people like you 

Colleges and universities are considered to be communities, sometimes even pretty closed. That means that ability to communicate and get along with people is extremely important. Show that you are ready to have discussion with others and make contribution. 

Using humor 

Fun element is good. However, as it was stated above, you don’t know admission people. Therefore, you have no way of knowing how they would react to your personal humor style. Be cautious when using fun elements. If you don’t consider yourself as great writer for funny essays, perhaps it is a good idea to abolish humor in your admission essay. Think twice before adding it in all cases.