How to Write a Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay
A reflective essay is an essay type based on your own experience. Our everyday life is full of more or less important events. Your task is to look on them through the eyes of a young philosopher. We recommend you to read this information before you will write a reflective essay. 

1. Choosing a Topic for Writing a Reflective Essay 

If you have to write a reflective essay on a given topic, you may narrow it according to your own interests. Suppose you have to write a reflective essay about leadership. 

1. Ask yourself a question: “Am I a leader for life?' 

If your answer on this question is positive, your reflective essay on a leadership will be a detailed answer on the following questions: What is a leadership namely for you? Can you imagine your life without being a leader? What are the pros and cons of being a leader? 

2. In the case if your answer on this question is “No, I’m not a leader for life', ask yourself the next question: “Have I ever been in a situation where I showed myself as a leader?'

If your answer on this question is positive, you may narrate an amusing story where you proved to be a leader for a certain period of the time. Note that in this case your essay has some elements of a narrative essay type. To make your essay reflective, you have to demonstrate your own point of view and attitude to leadership. In other words, your essay must contain something like a philosophical discourse. 

3. In the case if your answer is negative on the previous question, ask yourself the next question: “How do I imagine a leader’s life?'. 

You may describe a life of any person who is a leader. It may be a man or a woman among your relatives, friends or old acquaintances. Don’t forget that if you write a reflective essay, you have to show your own opinion, thoughts and ideas which are based on your experience. The main question you need to answer is “What is a leadership, according to your own point of view?' 

2. Writing a Reflective Essay 

A reflective essay has a traditional structure: an introduction paragraph, body (or supporting) paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. 

An introduction paragraph is the first part of your reflective essay. Your introduction should contain three sub-parts: a hook (something that attracts a reader’s attention), an introduction of the topic (some background information), a thesis statement (your own point of view). 

Body paragraphs are the biggest part of your essay. You may write as many supporting paragraphs as you want. 

A conclusion paragraph is the last part of your reflective essay. Demonstrate your own point of view on the given topic one more time. 

P.S. Don’t be afraid to express some original (or even crazy) ideas on the given and well-known topic. The more unpredictable thoughts you present, the more attractive your essay is to your potential readers. 

If you are a leader for life and everyone knows you as the best and the first guy in everything what you do, but inwardly you feel yourself as an unprotected little boy, be frank and write about your sincere feelings! 

In the case if your situation is opposed to the previous one and nobody knows and even suppose you as a leader, however, you believe in your own potential power and, moreover, you are sure that you have a big inclination to manage other people, don’t be shy and express your real thoughts and desires on paper! 

Good luck in writing a reflective essay!