How To Write A Persuasive Essay

A Persuasive Essay
The main goal of a persuasive essay is to persuade a potential reader in the rightness of your own point of view. 

1. Choosing A Topic Of Your Persuasive Essay 

The first step of writing a persuasive essay is selecting a theme. Remember that a success of your persuasive essay depends on your audience (or potential readers). 
For example, if the reader of your persuasive essay is your school teacher, it will be very difficult (if not impossible) for you to convince him / her that all the teachers have to be punished for their students low academic performance. 
Try to reformulate this statement to make it more attractive for a teacher. For instance, the title of your persuasive essay may be like this: “Every School Teacher Should Have A Monetary Reward For His / Her Students High Academic Performance'. 

2. Reading Some Literature Concerned With Your Issue 

Even if you are sure that you know almost everything about your problem and know the correct answer, read some literature on your topic. You may find recently published articles concerned with your issue. 

3. Explaining One Of The Points Of View 

Start the body paragraphs of your persuasive essay with explaining one of the points of view. You may first write about the opinion which is diametrically opposed to your own. Mention that some people are against of rewarding school teachers for their students high academic performance. 
One of the arguments is that many gifted children do everything by themselves. The other argument is that we should reward the parents of talented boys and girls. 

4. Giving The Arguments To The Opposed Opinion 

After that, demonstrate your own point of view. Write that a student’s high academic performance is not only the result of his / her natural gift. To recognize a talent is also a talent. It means that a student’s high academic performance is a sum of two components. The first component is a natural gift of a schoolboy / schoolgirl. The second component (which is not less important than the first one) is a talent of his / her teacher who is able to recognize a talent of a student. 

5. Giving Some Bright Examples From Your Own Experience, Fiction Literature, History, etc. 

It will be great, if you can interview a student with a high academic performance who became successful thanks to his / her teacher. Write about his / her gratitude to the teacher. Don’t be upset, if you have no excellent and grateful students among your relatives, friends or old acquaintances! You may write some examples from the fiction literature or history. You also may compose your own story about a thankful student with a high academic performance. 

6. Making A Summary Summarize all the information. 

Paraphrase your statement. Make a conclusion that it be a performance appraisal rating system should be in every school, as it will be possible to reward the teachers for their students’ high academic performance.