How to Write a Personal Essay

Write a Personal Essay

When you enter college, personal essay may be the first assignment you get from your professor. You don’t need to worry because such essays are often considered the easiest during studying in college or university. 

The reason is, you need to give information about the moment from your life so there is not a lot of research to do. However, it is important to remember that there should be some specific elements that your professor will be looking for during evaluation of your work. Always remember that personal essay is a test which is intended to give the professor an idea of your writing style, language and voice. So let’s see how to write a great personal essay in this post. 

We all know that essays should contain introduction, body and conclusion. These elements are essential but will focus on the techniques on how to make your essay interesting and show your grasp on voice and language. 


It is important to remember that using right language for your personal essay is much more than using correct grammar. First of all, this work is personal. Therefore, you should use more active voice in your text. Let’s compare the following examples: 

1. An interesting assignment was given. 

2. The second day and Ms. Johnson has already given me an interesting personal essay to write. 

The first example shows passive structure of the sentence. It uses more academic style of writing and does not sound personal. Besides, the sentence does not give any information on who is performing the action. Your professor will most definitely looking and examining how you used active voice so make sure you included it in your personal essay. 

Be specific when describing the events in your work. You need to keep in mind that personal essays are your own view on the topic which is original and unique. In case when you do not include enough descriptions to your sentences, they might become boring so the readers’ interest will be lost. Let’s compare the examples once again and see the difference between boring and interesting structures. 

1. Ms. Johnson’s assignment was exciting. 

2. The moment Ms. Johnson told us about the new assignment, I immediately had several ideas on how to write it and the class was over before I knew it. 

The second example gives information about your feelings and how you were excited about new task form your teacher. Your readers will most definitely find it more interesting than the first one. 


Write from your heart. It will be much easier for your readers to connect with you and respond to your paper. Make your personal essay full of your feelings so people can relate to it. Stay close and distinctive to your own opinion and make sure others understand your position. Personal essays should not use weak words. They are should, would and could. These words show that the writer is not sure about what position to take.