How to Write a Nature vs Nurture Essay

a Nature vs Nurture Essay
The debate of nature vs nurture has been going on for years. It is intended to examine what is more influential on human behavior in society. First, nature uses biological research to identify original of human behavior: it addresses genetic factors which influence behavior. 

On the other hand, nurture uses social conditions of human beings and examines how environment influences us. Many aspects of human activities are really thought to be formed by society. However, there is convincing evidence that some of them are programmed by nature. So this essay should address and reveal both side of the argument and make a conclusion which side has the most impact. 

Topic Ideas 

The following topics might be used for nature vs nurture essays: 
• Human addiction 
• Gender features 
• Criminality 
• Intelligence 
• Sexuality 
• Other (assigned by professor). 

The topics are pretty common and must be described in no more than 1000 words, which usually accounts for five paragraphs (the first is the introduction, the next three are the body and the last one is the conclusion). 

Structure Suggestions 

Nature and nurture essay usually uses the following common structure: 

Introduction. It is supposed to provide some interest for readers and has to end with the main idea of the paper. The main task for your essay should be the result of research, which identifies nature or nurture as the most influential factor.
Body. It usually consists of three paragraphs. Here the essay gives the evidence to support the arguments. If the writer considers nature as the most influential, he or she has to describe the opposing side as well. Only academic sources are required for body information. At least six sources should be used to provide support. 

Conclusion, which sums up the research and all three arguments examined in the paper. 

Transition Phrases 

Remember to include transitional words between the paragraphs of the body. They are used to summarize the argument, add details, and clarify information, show time span and location. Here are the examples of such words: 

• Nevertheless 
• Thus 
• Indeed 
• For example 
• In summary 
• Furthermore 
• Even though 
• In fact 
• Immediately 
• For this reason 
• Otherwise 
• Finally 
• As a result 
• In addition 
• In other words 
• In front of 
• On the other hand 
• Similarly 
• Although 
• In the same way 
• Accordingly 

APA Style 

APA style is used to format nature vs nurture essays so be sure all your citations and pages correspond to the requirements. Your professor might ask you to use some sources from specific databases or websites so pay attention to your assignment details. You also might be asked to provide some different elements of information described above, such as rubric, so keep in mind this as well. 

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