How To Write A Good Essay

A Good Essay

To write a good essay, you first need to make a plan. Your plan is a list of the sequential steps. 

The Steps For Writing A Good Essay 

1. The first thing is choosing the theme. If you have to write an essay on the given theme, you may narrow it according to your interests. For example, if your theme is “Folk Songs', you can write several sentences about folk songs in your country in general, and then describe wedding dance songs in details. The more concrete information attracts more attention. However, you can’t avoid general information in your text. 
If your task is writing about folk songs, mention the main groups of them (the folk songs are divided into two large groups which are connected or non-connected with a ritual; the ritual songs may be calendar or family, the non-ritual songs are social and marital). Then you can indicate that folk wedding dance songs are family and ritual folk texts. After that, make a more detailed description of wedding dance songs. 

2. Thinking about the styles of writing is the second thing you need to do. For example, it can be a scientific or fiction style. The golden rule is that you may combine   different styles, but you may not confuse them. What is the difference between combining and confusing the styles?
If you combine two different styles, it means that you get one style (you have combined scientific and fiction styles, as a result, the style of your whole essay is a science fiction, for instance). If you confuse two different styles, it means that you have two different styles in your essay (for example, you have confused scientific and fiction styles, as a result, the style of the first part of your essay is written in the fiction style, the second part is a scientific one and the third part is in the fiction style again). 

3.  The third step is making a plan of your essay. 

The Plan Of Your Essay 

For example, you write a philosophical discourse. This type of essays has a traditional structure: the introduction, the main part, the conclusion. 

  1. The introduction necessarily involves the hypothesis. If your theme is “The Possibility Of Life After Death', you may suppose that people live after death. 
  2. The main part is an analysis of your theme. If you suppose that people live after death, you may give an example of folk stories about dead men walking. Then argue why we should believe in these stories. 
  3. The conclusion is a confirmation (or a refutation) of the hypothesis. If you have clear and convincing evidence of living dead men, your hypothesis is correct and you can make the conclusion that people really live after death. Don’t despair if it is impossible to prove your theory about life after death. In this case, you will have a refutation of the hypothesis. The last result is not worse than the first one! 

Some Writing Taboos 

You should always remember about taboos in the essay writing: 

 1) don’t write the meaningless phrases, as it may irritate the potential reader; 
 2) don’t use very long sentences, as it may bore the reader; 
 3) don’t make grammatical mistakes, as it may infuriate the reader; 
 4) don’t repeat your thoughts using different words, as it may tire and enrage the reader. 

 Start to write your essay right now. It’s not as difficult as you think!