How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Write a Descriptive Essay
Descriptive essays are intended to give the reader information about personal experience of the writer and create a vivid impression for the readers. Other essays focus on presenting data from researches and studies but these works can be successful only if the writer is using detailed observations about something that had an influence on his or her life. 

For example, descriptive essays can use the following to create topics: 

1. An object 
2. An experience 
3. A place 
4. A person 
5. A memory 

As we see, it is very important to share the information that was influential and relevant to the writer. Otherwise the content will not be interesting to read. In the end, anything that you can experience can be a topic for your descriptive essay. Many professional writers say that the key to success here is not to show but tell. Let’s examine the difference between showing and telling. The following example of a sentence is just telling. 

  • I was negatively impressed by the basketball game. 
The sentence describes the event but does not really give any information about how you felt. The reader would not even know whether you team won or lost. You need to make this sentence broader and show your feelings and emotions that caused your impression. This example is the right to include in descriptive essays: 

  • As I returned home after the basketball game, my mood was really down because we could not lose to a team that was played much worse. I felt really frustrated and did not want to speak to anybody. 
This sentence shows your reader exactly how you felt and describes the reason that you felt bad. Moreover, it gives information about the event so it is easy to understand what was wrong. The readers would feel more connected to this style of writing and might even allow them to imagine the situation of the writer and express their own thoughts. So it is important to provide as much details as you can but stay to your point. Identify all elements which are important to your description of the topic and give the readers details about them. Ensure that the elements will help your audience to create their own impressions based on your paper. 

No Unnecessary Information! 

Avoid using unnecessary information; otherwise the paper will have parts that distract the reader. Also it is essential to include words that convey your feelings and emotions. Descriptive essay must have logical flow of presenting the subject in order to deliver the information in the most effective way. Keep in mind that descriptive essays might use even some minor details which ultimately can be a key to success. The work is about emotions and experience so it is a good idea to leave some requirements of academic style of writing. Not all of them, of course. So if you follow these simple recommendations, writing your descriptive essay will be rewarding and rich experience and someday you can even write about how you wrote your work.