How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay


If you were assigned by your professor to make a compare & contrast essay, you need to select two comparable subjects and conduct an analysis of existing similarities and differences. As soon as you are finished with your selection of the subjects, you may proceed to establishing your main idea and work on the structure of the paper. If you need some guidelines on how to write this assignment, the post is here for you to bring all necessary information.

The method we will explore now is called formulating the argument. The following are the steps in achieving it.

Step #1. Select the distinct subjects that are comparable and can be contrasted.

The first thing you need to do in order to write such essay is to choose the subjects which will serve as a base for your work. They have to be comparable and have different features in order to explore them. At the same time, there also should be similarity between the two subjects. In other words, they should have similar features like two soft drink products but be different enough to make a meaningful comparison. The following are the examples for topics for your compare and contrast essay:

·  Two films

·  Two artists

·  Two significant events in history

·  Two professional athletes.

Let’s explore the last example a little bit. You may take two athletes that played in the same period and brought something new to the kind of sport they were involved in. For example, take Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, two basketball players from the eighties. They were known as brilliant passers although they were different people: one outgoing, one shy. The comparison and rivalry between these athletes has become one of the major histories in professional sport and still has some impact today.

Step #2. Write about all similar and different features of your subjects.

Let’s suppose that you have your subjects. Now you have to find all possible similarities and differences about them. For example, if you are writing about two movies, you may find that they both explore the same theme but show it from different perspective.

Step #3. Make your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement should make the readers understand why your comparison is important. You should include all this information in only one sentence. It is recommended for the writer to focus on three points of comparison and continue with exploring them. For example, if you compare cities, you may write: “Both London and Prague are good cities to start a career but there are differences in housing, job perspectives and entertainment'. This is a very meaningful comparison which has three points to compare. In other cases you may identify that the first subject is more desirable. For example, “Music players made by Company A are more reliable, have powerful battery and bigger screen'. This immediately shows the readers the position of the writer and also has the three points.