How To Write A College Essay

College Essay

To write a college essay, make a plan. 

1. Prewriting 

First of all, think about the topic. It has to be interesting for you. Suppose you have to write about the forest. If you are fond of music, you may narrow the theme like this “Wonderful Sounds Of Nature In The Forest'. 

The other important thing is that your topic has to be interesting not only for you, but also for your potential audience. It means that you shouldn’t use some difficult or specific musical terms to compare the rustling of grass with the sounds of accordion, as your potential readers (of course, if they are not musicians) won’t understand the deepness and beauty of your comparison. 

Instead of it, you may say that you can enjoy the sounds of nature thanks to your absolute musical ear. Your musical talent gives you an opportunity to make a prediction that it will be raining soon, because you can hear rare drops of rain, when you can’t see and feel it. 

2. Writing A College Essay 

A college essay has a concrete structure: an introduction paragraph, body (or supporting) paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. 

An introduction paragraph is the first part of your essay. Write approximately 3 – 5 sentences in your introduction. However, you may write more than five sentences, but not less than two sentences. 

Your introduction paragraph is divided into three sub-parts: a hook (something that attracts a reader’s attention), an introduction of the topic (some background information), a thesis statement (your own point of view). 

The second paragraph of your essay is a body. You may write several body paragraphs in your essay. The amount of supporting paragraphs is not restricted. 

A conclusion paragraph is the last part of your essay. This part of your essay summarizes the main idea. A summary paragraph usually is divided into three sub-parts: a summary of your essay, the keys to solve the problems (if there are any), an address to your imaginary reader with some constructive suggestions. 

3. Checking And Rewriting Your College Essay 

Read your college essay one more time. If you have some new ideas, add them to your essay. Be sure that your college essay is interesting not only for you, but also for your imaginary readers. 

Anyway, remember that you have to write only your thoughts and ideas in your college essay. You don’t need to give the “correct' answer, as you describe your own feelings and emotions.