How to Write a Classification Essay

Classification Essay
Classification essay is intended to group ideas, people or subjects into classes with similar characteristics. The article describes the process of writing such essays and gives helpful tips. 


In your first paragraph the author should describe the group which is needed to be classified. For example, it can be annoying people, some artists or musicians. Clearly identify your group from the start. 

If your group has some specific characteristics which differentiate them from others, describe them. This will help you to make your group more recognizable to readers. Special features are added in order to attract interest. 

The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should contain thesis statement of your paper. It should describe the approach that you intend to take to deliver your examination of the subject. 

Let’s review an example of introduction for a classification essay: 

It’s a chilly winter afternoon in Chicago and fans begin to gather in the United Center Arena. They have snacks, cold drinks, lots of fast food and wear warm clothes. No matter when the local basketball team plays, you will always see two types of fans: ordinary observers and fired up fans. 

This introduction describes important details of the essay. First, it gives information about the setting (the United Center Arena) and fans which attend the game. Moreover, introduction shows that the weather is cold but the fans are there for support. So the essay tries to examine the types of fans that visit the games. 

The body 

Each paragraph of the body should contain the information about the approach used in certain part. Regardless of what structure you want to make for your classification essay, ensure it presents information in clear and logical order. For example, you can start with the most recognizable feature of your group and then move to the least recognizable one. Or if you are describing the approaches you take to examine the group, start with the most effective one. The thing to remember is that the paragraphs should give information in the order that corresponds to your thesis statement, included in the introductory paragraph. 


The conclusion allows the writer to combine all approaches used for examination. You may include your own observations on their effectivity to describe the group and reveal similarities and differences from others or members of the group. If there is something that you could not examine, suggest further research and new types of approaching this data. 

The example of concluding paragraph: 

Chicago basketball team would have hard time surviving without all these people. They buy tickets to support maintaining of the area and the team. Moreover, they contribute to morale of the players and provide necessary support for all home games. Even on winter afternoons they are there to support the team despite of losses and down-turns. 

The author connects the introduction with the conclusion by stating information about chilly days when fans go to arena. This is done in order to create a sense of completeness.