How to Select Topic for Macbeth Essay

Topic for Macbeth Essay

There are numerous topics and ideas in Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The best way to go about writing a Macbeth essay is to select a theme that is the most clearly understandable for you. Let’s review possible ideas for your paper. 

Reality vs. Unreality 

The first possible theme is reality vs unreality. The play is full of examples of supernatural things and themes. Remember as in the very beginning of the drama the witches say that “fair is foul and foul is fair'? Similar statements can be observed in many other situations. For example, you can already select the importance and role of the witches in the drama and explore their characters. From start we really do not know whether they have some powers to foresee the future of others. 

The prophecy of the witches about the Macbeth has significant impact on him. Fulfillment of his goals in life was changed forever after he met them. Use this theme to speculate on how the foreseeing worked out for the main character. 

Theme of Murder 

Another theme to explore is the theme of murder. Although it seems that two Macbeths are good guests in the castle of King Duncan, they intend to kill him. Also you may give some thoughts on comparing the two main characters. For example, who committed worse sins, the Lady Macbeth or Macbeth himself? Additionally, staying with the theme of characters, you can discuss Macbeth and change of his personality during the drama. 

The theme of ambition for power can also be explored. The two main characters are very ambitious in their efforts to become rulers of Scotland. It is the driving force behind the theme of guilt. 

Relating to Modern World 

Try to relate Macbeth to modern society and review possible reason for answers. Words from the drama which can be used as answer should create the body for your paper. 

Whatever theme you select, make sure you understand it very well and can develop a strong thesis statement for your paper. Use as much evidence from the text as you can and turn to help of reviewing sites that can provide overview of major themes and developments. 

Macbeth Essay Writing Process 

It is not an easy task to write a good Macbeth essay, especially if deadline is very short. You need to start with a good topic, next move to research and analysis of textual evidence, next create an outline, and start writing. It is very important to keep in mind that outline should not be fixed. On the contrary, it is encouraged to change outline in the process of writing as you find new evidence or new ideas come to your mind. 

Macbeth Essay Writing Help 

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