How to Revise a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay
Revising a narrative essay requires the same skills like for any other types of written works. It is recommended to examine high-priority issues like content and structure first and then move to checking grammar and punctuation. Story form is the main thing that differentiates narrative essay form others. Let’s examine the steps to take during revision process. 

Step 1. Thesis statement 

The main point of narrative essay is to convey a story and make a corresponding conclusion. However, do not forget that such essay contains a main idea, just like any other. Students often check with their professors on where to include thesis statement because in narratives essay it could be added different ways. For example, it can be stated as the last sentence in the first paragraph or in the conclusion paragraph. As you revise your paper, be sure check if you included this essential element. 

Step 2. Supporting evidence 

As soon as you found your thesis, read through the content to make sure you have enough details that support your main idea. All evidence should not distract reader from getting the main point of the paper. Also, be sure that your evidence provides the easiest understanding of the situation. Such evidence should be relevant to the main story and do not try to get reader somewhere else. 

Step 3. Organization 

Narrative essay uses common structure for most papers: introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should the part that provokes readers to read further, the body should give main points of the story along with supporting evidence and the conclusion summarizes the paper, restating the main idea and identifying the moral of the story. Academic narrative essay should also use correspondent language. For example, to make a transition between ideas, words like “because', “then' have to be used. There are requirements for length of such papers but you should definitely check with your professor about this. 

Step 4. Other concerns 

When you have checked the paper for elements stated above, it is time to start on lower priority concerns. They include word choice, formatting style, grammar, punctuation and other things. Carefully read through the paper and check everything you need. Also, pay special attention to formatting style. All your references should be formatted in accordance to established standards and requirements. Assignments are usually given with format instructions. If you have not received them, refer to your professor for information. At this point when your narrative essay is finished it might be a good idea to ask your peers for a feedback on the work. Fresh look is always good and helps to make a perfect academic paper. 

Narrative Essay Editing Service 

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