How to Prepare an Argument Essay


It is a very important skill for any student to be able to compose a good argument essay. These essays are intended to provide undeniable evidence in order to support position of the writer and convince readers about certain stance. Argument essay is a paper that uses a lot of research which is needed to ensure careful and effective overview of the subject. So go on the Internet and find as much reliable information as you can. So the main objective of the writer of an argument essay is to persuade the readers about his own point of view. Here in this post we will show how such college essay should be done.

Before you write

Step 1. Understand your objective.

You, the writer, need to completely understand the topic in order to draw your own conclusion and take a certain stand. Therefore, you need to carry out a research on the topic you want to argue about to cover all your bases. You don’t want to be silent during your debate and let your opponent bombard you with opposing facts. All information regarding the topic has to be collected and studied, otherwise you won’t have any answers to counter arguments of your opposing side. Make sure you state your point clearly and understand it very well.

Step 2. Understand the methodology.

Understanding all aspects of the work is the key. Collect as much information as you can because you have to become an expert on your topic for the time you have this assignment. You have to be a guide for your readers to lead them all the way through different opinion to the one that is required by you. So get to know all sides of your topic so your can beat your opponents.

Step 3. Understand the outcome of the essay.

The main result of an argument essay is to make a person think like you do about the subject. So make sure you have enough information to persuade readers to come to your side.

As you write

Step 1. Choose arguable and interesting topic.

Remember, you have to pick up a topic that involves two or more opinions because there has to be a contradicting view. Besides, choose one that interests you because you will spend a lot of time doing it and you have to have a little bit of fun.

Step 2. Know your readers.

It is always recommended to know your audience and argument essay is the perfect example. You have to use the language that will be acceptable by the people reading your essay. So tailor your work to your audience and use sources of information that will be interesting to them. This is done because it is most likely the readers will have different reactions to your paper.

Step 3. Test your argument.

It is a good idea to find someone that opposes your view and try to have a little debate on the subject. This way you will know about possible arguments and perhaps some of your thoughts should be refined and developed further.

Step 4. Understand rhetorical situations.

Make sure you understand the background and all factors that influence your topic. All these factors when combined create a rhetorical situation. Rhetoric is extremely important in argument essays. It might also include employing language that you will have to use to convince your audience.