How to Prepare a Good PowerPoint Presentation

a Good PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint presentations are often required by colleges and students for better representation of textual material. They are a great way to enhance your talk and make your report more professional. However, many students create presentations that are boring and endless. 

No matter how good your paper is, the presentation can ruin your chances for good grades if it does not motivate and captivate the audience. 

The article is intended to present some helpful ideas to the art of PowerPoint presentation, which is often unfairly neglected by many. Let’s make your presentations absolutely amazing. 

  • Know your audience. It is very important if you know the people that will be looking at your presentation. First and foremost, you should decide what your viewers want to learn from your slides. This will help to make keep them interesting throughout the presentation. The information which is needed by your audience should be the main point of your work. For example, if you are doing presentation about the safety on college campus, do not try to bombard your viewer with the importance of staying safe. Show them the practical methods which help the students to stay safe. Additionally, present information about what to do in emergency situations. 
  • Group your information. Your presentation will have several slides or even more. Think of information which you want to include on separate slides. You should do that by extracting the data from your main point and maintaining logical order of representation. The paper that you are going to take information from during presentation needs an outline, so does your visual work.
  • Keep your text to minimum. No one wants to just sit and read words on the slides. Especially, if there are lots of them in order to make your PowerPoint presentation more professional-looking, do not include a lot of text to your slides. Otherwise your audience will be distracted by reading and you’ll be only a background. Making lists and graphs might be the way to go. Also remember to use different text on your reading paper and on presentation slides. 
  • The application contains many features that you can use. However, don’t be fooled by them. They are there to choose from and not to use them all. Make your graphics simple to understand. That means less text and more graphic elements. Moreover, complex graphics may distract your viewer. 
  • Prepare handouts. Handouts are pieces of paper which include more broad information about the topic which the presenter gives to the audience. This is done if you cannot fit all what is supposed to be said in given amount of time. Such papers contain separate information about each of the slides of your presentation and proved to be useful for many people, businessmen and students. However, it is important to understand that the handouts should not contain more than two-three pages because the members of the audience will probably not pay attention to lengthy text. So make sure you include only key points.