How to Persuade in an Essay

How to Persuade in an Essay
Essays are intended for many purposes: to describe a process, argue a point, share an opinion and so on. Sometimes students are required to persuade the readers of essays in their point of view. Such essays are called persuasive. This post describes various techniques that could be used to persuade any reader.

Who is a good writer?

A good writer is the one who can compose interesting papers. On the other hand, a great writer knows how to make readers think like he or she does. There are three methods that can be used to persuade readers: pathos, logos and ethos.

Ethos is used by writers to describe characters to reader. This technique aims to present characters in terms of good ethics so readers appreciate them. You might be surprised how this method could be related to college essays but think of yourself as the character that needs to present properly and convey strong ethics.

In case when you have to write an essay about pythons, it is recommended to do more research than usual. This is done in order to get all necessary knowledge so your readers get an impression that you are in charge of your topic. This is basically what ethos method tries to deliver because sometimes writers cannot write good papers because they do not have enough knowledge on the subject.

Logic in Academic Papers

It is difficult to overstate the importance of logic in academic papers. It is basically the concept of logos. Logic is used by writers in order to convince the readers about particular point of view. Scientific logic is not necessarily needs to be used in this case. The writer has to make sure that the logic included in the paper can be understood properly by an average reader. The most commonly used technique here is formal arguments. They can efficiently support the author’s point of view and make the work excellent in terms of persuasion and logical flow of information. However, logic should not be perceived as assumptions. This is one of the most common mistakes made by young writers. Basing your arguments on assumptions does not work in academic essays because the readers could see your work as unprofessional and unreliable.

The method that deals with the emotions of readers is called pathos. Many decisions made by people are based on emotions so writers have to reach their audience in emotional level. There are examples of pathos in advertising industry. Many companies tap into insecurity of potential clients by advertising their products in correspondent way. So according to pathos, you should know the people you write essay for and therefore you will be able to tap into their emotions just like in case with advertising.