How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Make a PowerPoint Presentation
No matter whether you make a presentation for college or business organization, there are simple and common rules that apply to all cases. These rules help to impress your teacher, business partner or anybody else. This post aims to give you simple directions to achieving simple and effective PowerPoint presentations. 

Let’s get started! 

Now, that you opened the application you have a window with lots of options ready for your touch. By default PowerPoint application offers a slide which contains two boxes where you can insert text or other content. These boxes are tailored to common requirements for presentations but if you should make your own choice on whether to keep them. If you don’t like the style of the boxes or want to have them in other place, move or delete them by clicking on the edge of the box to choose. 

Given that we have deleted the standard box, it is fair to assume that we want other content inserted. Let’s try to bring a picture into the slide. Go to the “insert' menu and select “picture'. Find the content on your computer and paste it. Now you have added additional menu for processing pictures on the main toolbar, so make sure to review it and change the appearance of the image if necessary. Many other elements can be added to the presentation from the “Insert' menu so get to know possible options. 

Make sure to add captions to your image. You can do it be inserting another element, a text box, which can be selected from the “Insert' menu as well. 

Now we are making a presentation! 

Given that we already have one slide, it is necessary to add more of them. It is done by going to the menu bar on the top of the window and selecting the “Insert' menu. Then you can click on the “New slide' button and immediately see that new slide was added at the right side of your screen. 

Many options are available for the text. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you won’t have any difficulties using them in PowerPoint, because they are pretty much the same: the text can be formatted as you want. Review the bars at the top of the window and see possible options for processing textual information. 

Now that we have two slides with a picture and the text it is a good idea add some design. If you were carefully reviewing the bars at the top, you most definitely saw the “Format' menu. It offers numerous backgrounds for your slides. Select the menu and see what you can use. There are list of available background styles. Make sure that your background is light because dark ones usually make the text less readable. Experiment with different designs and see what looks better for your presentation. 

Let’s watch the show now! 

Our presentation is ready, let’s see how it looks. Let’s go the “View' menu and choose “Slide Show' option. Or you can simply press F5 button to view it on your screen. The first slide appears immediately. Arrow keys on your keyboard can be used to navigate your way to the next and previous slide. Think what can be changed and make the corrections. In the end, you will definitely have a great presentation that did not take lots of your time and effort.