How to Make a Great College App Essay


This post provides advice on how to make a great college app essay. It might be a lot easier than you think provided that you use the following guidelines.

One of the best techniques for composing a great essay is to balance your content between abstraction and specific information. This way you can make your content dynamic and the same time engaging for readers.

In order to be specific, you need to:

·  provide a lot of details of situations;

·  provide vivid descriptions

·  describe personal stories

·  create feelings and images.

In order to be abstract, you need to:

·  reflect upon your ideas

·  provide explanation of events

·  provide interpretations for better understanding

·  make comparisons

·  give statistics.

Consider the following to understand the balance between abstraction and specific information:

The writer shows what is meant by being specific.

The writer tells what is meant by being abstract.

The process of writing an application essay is often compared with taking photos with digital camera. The photographer zooms close to the object to get specifics of it. In order to get abstract, the camera should zoom out. In the first case you, the photographer/writer provide your readers with specific information about the topic. In the second case you get a larger picture of a topic, therefore you are able to explain the points in broad context.

Making your app essay specific will help to avoid too broad essay. Do not expect to cover all your qualities and aspirations. Save them for demonstrating during college years. Broad essay is an incomplete essay. That’s why it is recommended to describe even individual characters and the setting where the event occurs. These details will be connected to your main points so they are pretty useful and provide better understanding of many aspects of topic.

Do not go over the limit. If you have been assigned to write a 250 words paper, it is the best you stick with this length. Admission people read a hundred essays per day. They do not want you to waste their time writing a research paper-sized work.

Another important thing to consider is providing honest information about yourself. Given that app essay is intended to describe your personality and views, some people may think it would be okay to present themselves with new skills. It is not okay, really. You are just a person that is unique in own ways. If you do not have significant accomplishments until college, pick another topic. So make sure you are not embellishing your success.