How to Get Ideas for Your Essay

deas for Your Essay
Students are generally given the topics for college essays. However, if you are required to come up with your own topic, you can use the techniques below to find something you really want to write about.

There are many things that can help you to develop topic for college essays. For example, you can use photos or images because they may provide you with some fresh ideas.

College writers, like any other writers, can develop and master their skills by writing about something they would not think about. Go on the Internet and find some images that can inspire you to write. Also you can use printed newspapers, magazines or books. Good technique of finding the right picture is to search for something you are fairly familiar with. As soon as you found a photo or image that interests you, spend some time thinking about it and find out what concepts should be created.

For example

If you have found a photograph of man smoking a cigar you could consider writing about dangers of smoking and related illnesses. Your paper could explain the impact this habit has on human body and describe possible outcomes as illnesses. Moreover, you can think about advertising of tobacco products and why it should be banned. As it can be seen, only one photograph has already provided three great ideas for writing. The more time you spend thinking, the more ideas you will have
Do not put too much emphasis on the image.You just need to use it as a starting point of your topic. If you cannot come up with any ideas looking at a picture, invite you friends and brainstorm in a group. So remember that you only can become a great writer by writing about things that are unknown to you.

The number of ideas that could be extracted from one picture of photograph is virtually endless. You can easily solve the problem with finding a topic by looking at some image for a few minutes. For example, if your history teacher has asked you to write about ancient Greek culture, you can search for images of buildings and sculptures or ruins from that era. Just like that, you already have several ideas for the essay: ancient Greek architecture and sculpture. You can be even more specific and examine some particular pieces. Make sure you use this technique next time your professor allows you to generate an idea for your paper and see that it works indeed.