How to Do a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

You just got to a presentation and have a great sit to observe the work of a presenter. But there is still one thing that can affect enjoyment and learning something new. It is the presentation itself. Another boring set of slides will immediately make you want to leave no matter how comfortable and exciting you are. The good thing is, it does not have to be this way.

Whether you just starting your journey into making PowerPoint Presentation or have some experience, read the tips so you won’t have boring presentations and might even advise someone on the art of creating it.


Just a little amount of time spent for preparing the presentation can go a long way to help you. Think of presentation as more sophisticated and expanded way to speak to the audience. Prepare to talk a lot. Make sure you have enough information to discuss. Imagine the presentation room and think of what you can tell the people and what can be asked. After brainstorming you already can have a great outline in your head. And, by the way, do not forget to write these thoughts down.

Great technique of creating an outline has many similarities with making the ones for written papers. It means that the outline should have an opening, the body and the conclusion. In addition, your script might have an arc that leads to some sort of climax about your subject. The key here to make the viewers anticipate the ending and be eager to know what is on the next slide. If necessary, you can leave your audience wanting more.

Speech and text

Have you ever seen a presenter which speaks about the content of one slide, but the screen shows the other? This is a horrible mistake that can ruin your presentation. It is known that the viewer immediately starts to read the content of the slide as soon as it appears on the display. At this point you should tell about the slide that is shown and nothing else. Do not wait until people read the slide and speak. Otherwise they will be ahead of you and the communication might be lost. Refer to your slides by pointing and ask your audience to listen first and then turn the attention to graphical presentation.

Structure of the text

If you are used to compose your text by presenting it in paragraphs, forget about this technique for the time of preparing the presentation. It is important to understand that presentation is mostly visual way of communication. Remove all those big blocks of texts you have. The slides should be aimed to illustrate your text, and not be the second text. Save the paragraphs to your speech paper. Otherwise you just be reading from the screen and kill your audience with terminal boredom.


PowerPoint has many functions that help to make visual content understandable and good-looking. It is recommended to use sans serif for the font. Other good design techniques include putting black text on light backgrounds. This way you achieve the most out of readability and professional look.