How to Choose a Topic for App Essay

Choose a Topic for App Essay

College application essay decides what impression you will make on admission committee. Before you get to writing, you should pick an appropriate topic. It is difficult to make an impression on someone that reads 50 essays a day so let’s start with the first most important aspect of application essay: the topic. 

Be sure to ask yourself the following questions before starting to write the essay: 
  • Is your topic describing something that was significant for you? Do you use personal experience to support your ideas? 
  • Do you repeat information from your application by choosing such topic? If you do, change it immediately. 
  • Have you given any details about your previous tests (results etc.)? Although it has personal significance you should exclude it. 
  • Does your essay provide reliable evidence to support your points? If you cannot come up with such information, change your topic. 
  • Can you provide a full answer to the topic’s question? Are you able to address all given points? 
  • Is your topic backed up with your own interest in it? If not, please look for other topic that you find interesting. 
  • If you write about a controversial topic, have you included the view of opposing side? If not, make sure counterarguments are given in your essay. 
  • Do you think admission officer will remember your essay as the one that stood out among the others? 
  • Did you describe your weaknesses? If you did, think of some other way to make a good first impression. 
  • Does your paper tell the truth? Consider app essay as a resume where you cannot include imaginary skills. 
  • Does your paper contain humor? If so, make sure it is appropriate to the admission committee. Be very careful with humor element. 
  • Did you focus on your personal qualities? You might have the most interesting story in the world but if it does not contain something about you, it’s better to change the topic. 
  • Did you make your selection of college because of its courses and reputation? Tell about this to admission people if your topic allows you. 
  • Have you addressed your diversity in the essay? Please explore this aspect by stating that it can contribute to realm of campus.