How to Choose a Research Paper Topic

Research Paper Topic
One of the most important aspects of a research paper is the topic. Sometimes success depends on right selection because the writing is so much more fun when you know what you are writing about. Let’s review these great tips on choosing a research paper topic. 

1. Pick up a subject that interests you. 

The people who will be reading your paper will have no idea whether you had interest in your paper. But they will see a great work because you will be writing with great enthusiasm? So if you are interested with something and waited to get your thoughts to the audience, do so! The way to an A will be much easier. 

2. Select something you know about. 

Do not try to take very broad subjects or massive projects. You have to have some knowledge about what you are going to write about. First of all, it will make your research so much easier because you would know where to look for relevant information. 

3. Find an interesting way to approach a topic. 

For example, you are writing about WWII, try to describe the impact it had one country, city, nationality or area. Let’s face it, WWII topic is too broad to examine in one research paper. Another example: basketball. Select a philosophy of playing of one famous player and describe it. This will help to have a better control over your research paper writing process. 

4. Look in front of you. 

Perhaps your topic is right there with you. Are you watching a basketball game? Well, pick a team or a player. If you playing video games and shoot bad guys, think to research the topic of terrorism. This is what thinking outside the box is about. 

5. Brainstorm. 

Sit in front of a paper and write down all ideas that come to your mind. Perhaps you want to write about a management guru? Think of the names of such people and write them down. Keep writing down everything that you have on your mind until you have a large list of ideas. Then make your selection. 

6. Use a topic once again. 

Perhaps you have already researched your favorite topic in the past? You might use it again but do not try to copy information from that paper. Plagiarism is a bad idea. Or there might be other way. Let’s suppose you already wrote a paper about popularity of soccer. You might change the topic a little bit and describe its popularity only in one country, for example Brazil or Argentina. 

7. The paper is due tomorrow! What should I do? 

The worst case scenario is not good for research paper. The best strategy is to pick up a topic as quickly as you can and write it. Think of an idea and go with it. Just try to think of something you could write about overnight. The key is to pick up a very familiar topic so the writing would be much faster.