History Research Paper Topics


What is a historical question?

When you are to write a history research paper, you may wonder how to ask the appropriate historical question to respond to it in your writing. In fact, a historical question should concern any historical events you want. The distinguishing feature of the correct historical thesis is that it should request some cause-effect relations. That is the topic «The Spanish Civil War» is not full and relevant. The right question will be «The causes and effects of the Spanish Civil War», for example. Therefore to choose the topic for your history research paper, you have to select the certain event (or era, or civilization or any other historical item) and then to think of different aspects of it which may be important to uncover, like the reasons, the purpose, the results, the consequences and so on. You may also use our ideas of topics introduced below.

History Research Paper Topics

General Historical Questions:

1)  Why the slavery was abolished?

2)  Debates about the date of Homo Sapiens appearance.

3)  The examples of historical contradictions between science and religion.

4)  Why all the ancient civilizations vanished?

5)  The roots of appearance and the fight against apartheid.

6)  The causes of Roman Empire falling.

7)  The origins and results of world genocides.

8)  The reasons for origination of absolute monarchy in Russia and its collapse in 1917.

9)  The reasons for vanishing of the big Aztec civilization.

10)  The value of the achievements and acquisitions of the ancient Greek culture.


1)  The causes and consequences of the Haitian Revolution.

2)  The roots of opposition between Republicans and Nationalists which led to the Spanish Civil War.

3)  The subsequent relations between Vietnam and USA (after the Vietnam War).

4)  The aggregate of reasons of the World War I.

5)  How Hitler managed to spread fascist spirit throughout Germany?

6)  The causes and results of the World War II.

7)  The roots of the conflict which resulted in the Cold War.

8)  The aspects of using the Game theory in a Cold War.

9)  The stages and reasons for the French revolution in the 18th century.

10)  The political aspects of environmental terrorism: the example of the Gulf War.

American History:

1)  The causes and results of the Civil Right Movement.

2)  The factors of the American victory in American revolution.

11)  What was the impact of child labor in late 1800s on the society?

12)  The impact of John Marshall’s decisions on the Unites States?

13)  The reasons for the disappearance of the colony of Roanoke.

14)  The results of The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.

15)  The causes of the Mexican War. Who provoked the war?

16)  What were the reasons for conflict of North and South (Civil War)?

17)  The economic aspects of Stock market crash in 1929.

18)  The results of Pearl Harbor. Can we say that this event speeded up the beginning of the World War II?

Don’t Be Bound to Your Initial Topic

Often when you are selecting the topic for your history research paper you go deeply into the roots of a particular issue. Thus you may modify the primary thesis you have composed. It is a normal practice, in fact: if you are more willing to write about other aspects that have emerged during your writing, you are free to change the topic. The most important thing is to be interested in the historical events you are speaking of. So if you don’t feel any enthusiasm about the ancient civilizations, but have a particular interest in the circumstances of the World War II, the choice is obvious. It is impossible that you are not excited about anything in the world history - you just have to search a little bit better and sooner or later you will find the issue you would like to talk about. So good luck in your writing!