History Dissertation Topics

History Dissertation Topics
The post provides ideas for topics on history. Read through and make them inspire you to come up with the one for you.

A list of Topics

  • Was German revolution started by government or people?
  • Examination of outcomes of WWI for Germany
  • Evaluation of German economic recovery in 1924-1928
  • Stresemann's foreign policy
  • Contribution of SS to establishing Nazi party in the German government
  • Techniques of Nazi propaganda
  • Opposition to Nazism in 1933-1939
  • Influence of German economic development on outbreak of WWII
  • Outcomes of February revolution
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • Soviet Union and the New Economic Policy
  • Conflict between Trotsky and Stalin: Ideological View
  • Stalin's policy of industrialization
  • The Purges and Soviet society
  • International Brigades and the Spanish Republic
  • Outcomes of the Spanish Civil War
  • Contributions of the Popular Front to outbreak of the civil war in Spain in 1936
  • Spanish Communist party in 1936-1939
  • Royal Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic
  • British war effort in 1939-1950
  • British diplomacy during WWII
  • Clement Attlee as a Prime Minister of Britain
  • Social class divisions inBritain during WWII
  • British imperial decline as one of the outcomes of WWII
  • Success of Labor Party during elections in 1945
  • Reasons for the Italian Unification
  • The Balkan Wars
  • The Bosnia Crisis
  • The Great Depression
  • Racism during WWII
  • Mussolini's government
  • Napoleon III and the Crimean War
  • The Franco-Prussian War
  • The Congress of Vienna in 1815