Gun Control Research Paper


Gun Control in the Modern World

Gun control concerns providing legislation which forbids using, carrying, transforming and selling firearms in different countries. Each country has its own attitude towards this issue: while such countries as Great Britain, China, Australia and Germany are strictly against bearing guns, USA, Czech Republic and Switzerland are against gun control as a whole. The topic has been a controversial issue for courts and authorities of different countries for many years. Thus this question is widely covered in literature.

Decide on the Type of Your Research Paper

If you are to write a gun control research paper, first of all, it is necessary to choose the right topic. But before this you have to think of the type of your research paper.

1)  If you want to provide arguments for and against gun control, you are to choose argumentative research paper, in which you will give evidence to both sides and express your own point of view.

2)  If you want to provide some important facts on gun control, you are to complete report research paper or an analytical one. These two types will not contain any of your personal thoughts on the matter.

3)  If you are sure that gun control is a bad thing (or vice versa) and cannot wait to convince everyone in your rightness, your choice will be persuasive research paper.

Gun Control Aspects
After you have defined the type of your paper it’s high time to think of the issues to be described in your document. You may consider:

·  Gun control in different countries

·  History and evolution of the issue

·  The people’s attitude towards guns in countries of the world

·  The effects of gun control

·  The factors of gun-related crimes in different countries

15 Effective Gun Control Research Paper Topics

1)  Which countries are safe enough to do without guns and which nations need self-defensive instruments?

2)  The comparison of countries which provide gun control with the ones which are against it.

3)  The effects of the right to bear guns in USA. How would the crime rate change with the strict gun control?

4)  Is USA a dangerous place because of the amount of guns per capita?

5)  Why guns are forbidden in the United Kingdom?

6)  The comparison of gun politics of USA today and in the previous century.

7)  The people’s attitude towards gun control in Australia.

8)  The characteristics of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

9)  The comparison of German and American gun politics.

10)  What could be done to get rid of gun violence in a particular country?

11)  Why some people believe that some states of USA should provide limited gun controls?

12)  Has gun control policy in China changed the crime rate?

13)  What additional factors influence crime rate in a particular country? Would gun control be able to solve the problem?

14)  How the right to have guns is related to the readiness of the country to survive the unexpected war?

15)  What were the primary causes of establishing gun control in the world?

Explore Something Unusual

Given that you are a student and writing a gun control research paper is a task for all your classmates, think of the topics the others will choose. Probably, they will go the easiest way and discover the issue in your country. Do you want to have really unique and extraordinary work? Then choose something unexpected, like the Japanese legislation on guns or the reasons of Columbia’s world highest crime rates. There is a lot of exciting topics for you to be explored, just be creative!