Guide for Writing an Essay Overnight


If you are made to write your paper during the night, you may find these guidelines very useful. The post can provide you with what you should know when this situation happens to you.

12 am. Get yourself away from the bedroom.

Before you begin to write your essay, you should avoid warmth. It makes you want to sleep even more that you can possibly imagine. Even your chair will look like a bed by this time so try to avoid things that ca make you sleep. Try being in some other rooms like kitchen. Go to the library if you can.

12:25 am. It is time to take a catnap.

Did you know that Thomas Edison used nap to generate new ideas for his inventions? Well, here is how he did it. He went to sleep but that was no regular sleeping situation. He would place big steel ball in his hand and then went to sleep. At some point the ball slipped from his hand and dropped to the floor. The sound of ball falling on the floor was loud enough to wake up the inventor. Every time he woke up during the night he would have a new set of ideas. Of course, you should not go and look for a steel ball for yourself. Use your phone and set up an alarm. Your catnap should not last longer than 15 minutes. Use coffee to help you stay awake. Repeat this procedure at least two times during the night.

12:56 am. Forget about the Internet.

Browsing profiles of your friends when they are all asleep might sound like a fun idea but it is not worth your time right now. Avoid social networks or maybe even block them for this time.

1-3 am. It’s time to write, finally.

Writing time! Start collecting ideas, make outlines and think about information to include. Get excited about the possible outcome. Begin to look for literature to include in your essay. Brainstorm about your paper as much as your can. Staying active reduces your desire to go to bed.

3-5 am. Get lost in your analysis.

Write like you need to convince hostile aliens that you actually love them. Use the examples of information you have and do not overload your essay with them. Be stubborn and stay focused. At this point you should not worry about making perfect sentences, you need content. Experts say the best writing comes when the author can manage himself to be on track to the goal.

5:01 am. Hey, did you just cheat?

At this time websites like will begin to look very tempting. Well, try to stay on track. This task is not different from the one that you have written last week and all the others. Your plagiarism WILL be revealed. Can you risk your success in college? It is completely not worth it.

7 am. Art is never finished.

Well, there’s nothing you can do now. Print out your essay and go submit it. You made it. Now go and have some rest. Don’t forget to unblock your Facebook as well.