Great College Essay Tips

College Essay Tips

Let’s get inside minds of admission officer. Imagine you have a whole bunch of application essays in front of you, all with different topics and stories. What do you think would be their first thought? That’s right, it would about how many essays are there to read. 

Let’s face it, majority of application essays are pretty b-o-r-i-n-g. imagine that you have to read all these essays over and over again. Sounds terrible, right? 

The most common accusations for application essays, pay attention: 

  1. The do not provide enough evidence. (Or no evidence at all.) 
  2. The students do not speak for themselves. (“Let’s just get this over with' approach.) 
  3. The topics are too broad. (How can a student describe own life in just 500 words? That’s impossible!) 
  4. Most applications essays are pretty dull. They are written without any enthusiasm about the topics. Some English teachers in high school are not great writers themselves and they cannot give their students useful writing tips. 
One of the best tips for college application essays that has been supported by admission officers reads: 

Do not bore admission committee with a dull opening line! 

We know that they read at least twenty essays a day. Sooner or later the essays will blur together. It is a natural reaction and you would have the response as well. Please make your work stand out. It is in your own best interests. Write an opening line that grabs attention. 

Let’s see examples of opening lines that work. 
  • I change my name every time I register at an online service. 
  • Some parents might not allow their children to have a motorcycle in their backyard. 
  • My ability to read came to me when I was in seventh grade. 
  • My grandfather and I have been surfing in Atlantic Ocean since I was four. 
  • Sitting in Mojave and I realized that my hands become even more weak. 
  • In my hands the gun looked like a toy. 

Spend necessary time to think about your opening line. As we see, it is very important to make a good first impression. And do not try to pick up a broad topic. For example, do not depict 5 years from your life or even more. So much to fit in a 500 words paper, agree? Describe a situation that happened in one day or several days. Make your app essay exciting. Well, perhaps your opening line will spark some interest from the admission representative that would be reading. In such case there is no doubt that he or she will remember your work. Therefore, your chances to get to college go higher. So do not think that one sentence cannot make a difference. It can and it may bring a big success to you.