Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

Writing an essay is always challenging for a student. It widens a circle of interests, world outlook and gives deeper self-understanding. While writing an article a person sets questions to himself and opens new horizons of thinking.

That's why the essay is a very popular task, given by teachers to students in colleges and universities. In an argumentative essay, student highlights an interesting topic and provides a confirmation of his or her opinion. 

Personal Interest in a Topic 

The priority in selection should be a personal interest in an issue. Selection of a subject which touches one personally will make an essay juicy and full. Personal interest gives the motivation to perform well, to find new ideas and enrich individuality. If none of the topics from a list doesn't fit into a one's mindset or simply doesn't evoke any inner feelings, it's better to listen to intuition in this case. Because even an issue which seems to be unknown and annoying, may open a great exploring interest after a start of researching on it. 

Exploring New Things 

There are also principles, which can make an essay even more actual and interesting to write. It's good to search for fresh issues and questions, which haven't been touched by university program and humanity at all. As the science is progressing in enormous scale, there are a lot of unsolved questions and mysteries in every field of human existence. Furthermore, the greatest thing a student can do for himself and a teacher is to think independently. 

Humanitarian Reflections 

Topics, uncertain in some extent, are demanded the most. These are eternal questions of philosophy or analysis of human nature on examples of bright literature and historical personalities. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Nicola Tesla and Martin Luther were outstanding figures in the history of humanity. It would be a great idea to discuss their complicated fate, decisions, and outlook. 

Global Issues 

Global problems, world politics, social issues and common questions of society also need argumentation. One of the reasons to write such kind of an essay is to form and affirm an opinion on the issues of global importance. They are already widely highlighted. Therefore, research on these questions presupposes analysis of resources, selection of discussion side and defending it. Examples can be following: "Nuclear weapons and its danger for humanity," "Is Poverty in China a consequence of overpopulation?", "An ethical side of natural fur manufacture" etc.

Life Concerning Issues 

The daily life questions can be a good topic to discuss as well. Everyday life of every person includes a lot of aspects to develop, and it may have a significant influence even on country's and world's way of thinking. These topics, probably, have the widest freedom for a student's fantasy, from "Using of cast iron kettles or electric ones" to "Monasticism - the way to enlightenment or an escaping?" and "Is strictness a good way to educate an adolescent?". 

Argumentative essays give a big field for thinking and discussing; there are a lot of topics to be considered and problems to be solved. The most important thing in writing an essay is a personal interest. That is why the selection of a topic depends on student's personality. It can be an analysis of a global figure or literature character, universal question, social issue, everyday life topic or recent science invention. The best way to write a good work is to explore something new and to show it in an original way.